These 36 Healthy + Homemade Baby Food Recipes are crazy delicious starter purees that are great for baby’s first bite. All are easy to make and freezer-friendly. Great baby food for 4 months and up – stage 1 baby food!

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36 Baby Food Recipes (4+ Months)

These homemade baby food purees are everything!

Delicious! Smooth! Nutritious! Colorful!

Everything your baby needs in their very first bite of food!

Because it only seems right to serve baby a true culinary adventure right from the very first bite. We are aiming for baby food that will give baby’s little taste buds a spark of joy.

These 36 Baby Food Recipes are tried-and-true recipes that are made with fresh and wholesome produce paired with a pinch of spice to up the WOW factor. These aren’t your normal boring baby food recipes – these are purees that both you and your baby will enjoy! Seriously, I have tried and usually eaten each of these baby food purees right alongside both of my girls.

Now, it’s your turn to surprise your baby with a delicious puree. Which puree will you serve them first?

Green beans and cilantro on a cutting board.

Reasons to Love these Homemade Baby Food Recipes

  • freezer-friendly
  • 3-ingredients or less
  • easy to make
  • great recipes to start a freezer stash of purees
  • colorful purees = nutritious purees
  • homemade baby cereals
  • delicious veggie purees your baby will love
  • produce is roasted, steamed or simmered to bring out the natural yumminess
  • so good you will want to eat them along with baby
  • healthy purees full of essential nutrients for a growing baby
  • baby food for 4 months and up
  • stage 1 baby food
  • any puree can be made with organic produce
  • cheaper than store-bought – budget-friendly
Blender full of cooked peaches.

Get Started Here

If you are just starting out making your own baby food purees, then welcome! So glad you are here!

Next, be sure to check out my Ultimate Guide on How to Make Homemade Baby Food to get all of your questions answered. I share everything you need to know to get started making homemade baby purees — from the best cooking tools to have on handsafe storagehow to know when baby is ready for solidshow to introduce pureesthe best first foods for babystarter purees and more!


Here are a few of my favorite kitchen tool essentials to make the process of cooking, blending and freezing baby food super simple.

4 Month Baby Food Recipes

  1. 5-Minute Mango Baby Food Recipe
  2. Asparagus + Mint Baby Puree
  3. Basic Chicken Baby Food Recipe
  4. Butternut Squash + Cilantro Baby Puree
  5. Zucchini Baby Food Puree
  6. Peas + Mint Baby Puree
  1. Apple + Cinnamon Baby Food Puree
  2. Roasted Banana + Rosemary Baby Food Puree
  3. Broccoli + Chives Baby Food
  4. Butternut Squash + Thyme Baby Puree
  5. Simple Leek Puree
  1. Acorn Squash + Ginger Baby Food Puree
  2. Carrot + Ginger Baby Food Puree
  3. Homemade Quinoa Baby Cereal
  4. Apple + Clove Baby Food Puree
  5. Apple + Coconut Milk Puree
  6. Roasted Yellow Squash + Cilantro Baby Puree
  1. 3-Minute Banana + Coconut Milk Baby Puree
  2. Carrot + Nutmeg Baby Food Puree
  3. Multi-Grain Probiotic Baby Cereal
  4. Green Bean + Basil Baby Food
  5. Mango + Mint Baby Food Puree
  6. Broccoli + Olive Oil Baby Food Puree
  1. Mango + Vanilla Baby Food
  2. Pear + Nutmeg Baby Food
  3. Red Pepper Baby Food Puree
  4. Sweet Potato + Curry Baby Food Puree
  5. Sweet Potato + Coconut Milk Baby Food
  1. Roasted Banana + Cinnamon Baby Food
  2. Oatmeal Baby Cereal with Omega-3s + Antioxidants
  3. Green Bean + Parsley Baby Food Puree
  4. Sweet Potato + Thyme Baby Food Puree
  5. Peaches + Cloves Baby Food Puree
  1. Green Bean + Coconut Baby Food
  2. Peach + Vanilla Baby Food Puree
  3. Salmon + Orange Baby Food Puree
  4. Simmered Apples Baby Puree
  5. Apricot Baby Food Puree


A collection of 4 month baby food recipes in a grid.

Get the recipe: Green Bean Puree & 35 More Homemade Baby Food Recipes

4.5 stars (15 ratings)
This green bean puree is a great smooth and creamy starter food for baby. Plus, enjoy 35 more mouth-watering purees for baby!


  • 16 oz green beans, fresh or frozen, trimmed
  • 1/2 tsp coconut oil


  • In a medium saucepan, bring 2 inches of water to a boil over medium heat. Place the green beans into a steamer basket over the boiling water and steam for 6-8 minutes or until tender. Let cool slightly and reserve steamer water.
  • Transfer the green beans and coconut oil to a blender or food processor and puree for 1-2 minutes on high or until you reach your desired consistency, adding reserved water, breast milk, formula, water or broth in 1/4 increments if needed. I had to add 1/2 cup of the reserved water to the puree above.


Age: 4 months and up
Yield: 16 ounces
Coconut Oil Tip: healthy fats are a great thing to add into baby’s first puree. Healthy fats such as organic coconut oil, organic olive oil and grass-fed pasture-raised butter or ghee are my favorite healthy fats to add to baby’s food. You don’t need much, usually 1/2 teaspoon or less, and you can add it to any roasted or steamed veggies for an instant flavor boost. Healthy fats help aide in baby’s brain development and function, repair torn or strained muscles (great for crawlers) and is great for digestion needs.

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