Even though on most days you can find me in my kitchen cooking away on some new recipe, doesn’t mean that I don’t relay on cookbooks for a heavy dose of food inspiration. I think you even might be able to call my love for cookbooks an addiction, because if you come over to my house you will always see cookbooks piled up on the floor next to my sofa, stacked on my nightstand and haphazardly thrown on my kitchen counter. Having a few good cookbooks around for me is key to making and serving my family healthy and flavorful meals. They also help from getting into a not-so-fun food rut, where you don’t know what to make – ever. 

These cookbooks are my go-to favorites. They are the ones that are dog-eared, spilled on and even (gulp) have some pages torn out. It’s not that they aren’t worthy of being taken care of, actually it’s the exact opposite. Their worn pages show just how much I love the recipes inside and how much I rely on them everyday.

So take a peck around and hopefully you will find a couple new cookbooks for your family that will end up being just as loved as my copies are.



Beside my own cookbooks, I find that I am always reaching for these six baby food cookbooks to get ideas and to be inspired for making my girls delicious homemade meals. While they are all very different in food style and cooking techniques, they all have one main thing in common – using real food to feed baby! 


While most of the Baby Cookbooks above have some ideas for toddlers, these books offer a bigger array of recipes for you to work with. Feeding toddlers can be a challenge, so pick up a couple of these cookbooks up to help you get through the rough patches of their ‘picky’ eating phases with ease. 

Kids in the Kitchen

I have found that one of the best ways to get kids (especially picky-eaters) to really enjoy food for the years to come, is to get them into the kitchen and to help make their own food. Ellie loves to help make a big mess with me in the kitchen especially if she gets cookies, muffins or pizza as an end result. These books are staples in our kitchen (Ellie and Parker can’t get enough of the The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids) and we find that we use them over and over again.

School Lunch

School lunches can be an easy place where you get into a major boring food rut by packing your kiddos the same thing over and over again. These books (along with Little Bento) will be sure to liven up your kids lunch box without any major time commitment from you. Score!


These amazing books don’t really fit into any category above, but they are books that we use all-the-time and that I needed to let you in on. These are our favorite cookbooks features smoothies, snacks and kid-friendly desserts, which is about all we really make in my house anyway;)