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Adventurous Recipes for Babies and Toddlers

Editorial Guidelines

Philosophy Overview

Our philosophy at Baby FoodE is simple: to create delicious and fresh recipes to feed your baby, toddlers, and kids from their first bite! We strive to create a judgment-free zone where parents can find simple, easy, and kid-centric recipes made from fresh ingredients and served without shame. We are busy parents ourselves, so we try to develop recipes that are quick to make (under 30 minutes), use fresh and easy-to-find ingredients, and are loved by the entire family.

Our Experience

Baby FoodE was founded in 2013, by Michele Olivier and, over the last decade, has grown into a site that reaches millions of parents a year, has been published with two Amazon best-selling cookbooks, partnered with the top brands in the baby and kid industry, and has been featured on topic publications such as The Today Show, Country Living and BuzzFeed.

Experts in the Field

Along with Michele having over a decade of expertise in the field, Baby FoodE also has a team of highly qualified pediatric professionals who help us create quality, accurate content with the most up-to-date information on pediatric nutrition that is science-backed.

Recipes Testing

We have tested every one of the 900+ recipes on the site at least three times! We personally make some of the recipes from te site for our own families on a weekly or monthly basis, and therefore, they have been made countless times over the past 11 years in our home kitchens. We ensure that each recipe meets our high standards, and we try to provide substitutions whenever possible. We thoroughly test each recipe, which includes the following:

  • make sure the ingredients are easy to find at most grocery stores
  • measure and weigh each ingredient
  • track the prep, cook, cool and freeze time
  • track quantity
  • test various substitutions when applicable
  • note insights such as storage, reheating, time-saving tips, kitchen tools needed, baby product recommendations, and so much more


We strongly believe we are the experts in the baby and toddler feeding space, so we do not publish or use any AI-generated content. All of the content on Baby FoodE is created by Michele Olivier, Lauren Braaten, and Jamie Johnson, and includes the following:

  • create and test all recipes
  • test all products
  • photograph and film each recipe
  • write the content for each post, guide, or course
  • have experts in their fields read, review, and update the posts with their expert recipes and feeding tips

Comment Policy

We welcome and value all helpful and on-topic comments on our recipes, and we use a lot of the feedback from readers to make updates to our recipes, or we use the feedback to develop future content. However, we do not tolerate threatening, defamatory, irrelevant, derogatory, hateful, or offensive statements and/or comments, and we reserve the right to remove comments that do not fall within our guidelines.