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Welcome! I am so thrilled you are here.

So you Want to Become a Baby Food Making Pro? 

Through my years of food blogging, writing a cookbook, and teaching others how to make baby food, I have made THOUSANDS of ounces of baby food – in both puree or finger food form. 

In the process, not only have I figured out how to make baby food puree that is packed full of nutrients but also tastes amazing!

Things you DON’T NEED:

  • Hours spent in the kitchen prepping each week
  • Fancy, expensive ingredients or equipment
  • Bland, unappetizing food to serve to your kiddos

My philosophy on feeding a baby is simple: feed baby fresh and delicious food from the very first bite. If this is in puree form – then great! If you want to do baby-led weaning – awesome! I completely support both of these methods. This is a judgment-free zone, so whatever food and with whatever method you start feeding baby is totally up to you. You do you! My only requirement is that baby’s food tastes delicious! This blog is in its 8th year and has over 700 recipes dedicated to feeding babies, toddlers, kids, and families. Phew… that’s a ton of information for you. So let me help you get oriented. Below you will find my top posts from each category. 

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