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Adventurous Recipes for Babies and Toddlers
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Are you interested in making homemade baby food, but don’t know where to start? Do you love the idea of your baby eating the same foods as you, but scared of them choking? Do you think that making your baby their own food will take hours?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Through my years of food blogging, writing multiple best-selling cookbooks, and teaching others how to make baby food, I have made THOUSANDS of ounces of baby food purees, countless baby-led weaning starter foods, and endless toddlers meals that (mostly) got eaten.

In the process, I’ve figured out how to make baby and toddler recipes that are not only packed full of nutrients but they also taste fantastic!

Here are things you DON’T NEED:

  • Hours spent in the kitchen prepping each week
  • Fancy, expensive ingredients or equipment
  • Bland, unappetizing food to serve to your kiddos

In these FREE guides, you will find all the information you need to make the best food for your kiddos!

In each of these 5-day guides, you will get:

  • Lessons packed with my best kept secrets for making the best food for your baby, including my Best Tips, Recipes and Getting Started Guides
  • A list of my all-time favorite tools to make cooking and feeding your little one simple and easy
  • Reader favorite recipes (with the reviews to prove it!)
  • Bonus printables to print out and use at your convenience
  • And so much more!

Choose Your Guide

Choose from FOUR different guides: Baby Purees, Baby-Led Weaning (6+ months), Finger Foods (9+ months), or Toddler Recipes.

Each guide is specifically tailored towards the age and feeding style of your baby!

Baby sitting in a green booster seat is eating using a palmar grasp.

Baby Purees

(4-6+ months)

An amazing resource if you are going to be making smooth purees for your baby.

Boy in a blue bib sitting in a highchair is using a palmar grasp to eat a lentil cake.

Baby-Led Weaning

(6+ months)

A new guide showcasing all the information you need on how to feed your baby solid foods from their very first bite.

Small baby sitting in a high chair eating with two spoons.

Finger Foods

(9+ months)

You’ve mastered the puree stage, but now what? This guide will help you transition from smooth purees to solid foods in no time!

Boy with white bib in highchair eating with a pincer grasp.

Toddler Recipes

(12+ months)

Is your little one out of baby food and starting ‘big kid’ food? Then you need this guide! Filled with all the recipes you need for easy, healthy meals for your tot.