June Coffee chat grid of 4 photos from my life in June.

Pictured above:

  • an evening jumping contest at my in-laws pool. In June, we went on a 2-week long road trip from Denver to Georgia, visiting 13 states – and we lived to tell the tale!
  • in awe of the sharks at the Chattanooga Aquarium
  • just an average trip to Target😂. I’m not really sure what happened here, but they got ready by themselves and for some reason face paint was part of the equation!
  • running through sprinklers is still one of the best things about summer! We live in a urban neighborhood, so finding a huge field with working sprinklers is a hard come by for my kids, so when you find sprinklers on, you have to take advantage, even when you don’t have towels or a change of clothes. I guess walking home soaking wet is just part of the adventure.


Oh boy, it’s full on summer over here!

For us that means lots of pool time, outdoor movies, adventuring in the mountains, road trips and tons of homemade popsicles!

Guys, this might surprise you but this is the first summer that both of my kids are not napping during the day. Which 1) makes some days feel like a zillion hours long 2) is also liberating because we can go on all-day adventures and I don’t have to worry about the girls becoming non-napping monsters around dinner time 3) this also plays with my mommy emotions of realizing that my littles are growing up and are now full-blown kids.

Also, playing big time into these mommy emotions is that fact that Parker is going into Kindergarten next year and Elliette is a second grader! Like how did that even happen?!?! 🙈

But before school starts, we have some serious summering to do!

This year, I made us narrow our summer to-do list down to 10 things. The girls both help with our to-do list. Here it is, if you want to see –

june coffee chat - summer to-do list for 2019 surrounded by markers and coffee
  • try 3 new ice cream shops
  • picnic at the pool
  • fireworks at the baseball game
  • road trip to Georgia
  • sleep under the stars
  • watch an outdoor movie
  • devour north shore shaved ice
  • ride the mountain rollercoasters
  • master ‘adult’ homemade popsciles
  • fairy hike and lake day

I want to know, what is on your summer list?

And in case you’re wondering, we did survive 5 solid days of driving in a car with the girls and our puppy, yes we brought our puppy with us because apparently we are just that crazy. I survived by wrapping a ton of dollar store finds (toys, games, ribbon, office supplies, a mirror) in wrapping paper and bribing the girls with them every hour or so. I’m not big into cheap plastic toys but this seemed like a good time to bust them out. I loaded this car organizer with library books, markers, tape, coloring books and learning workbooks that they could use at any time. I also downloaded a ton of our favorite podcasts and also got some stories on CD from the library. After lunch and a car nap they could have their iPads for a little while. It went surprising smooth and we mostly had a great time!

I’m curious, have you done a long road trip with your kids before? How did you survive? We are planning on taking another road trip (not as long this time) but would love your tips on how to stay sane!

grid of 4 pictures of things we did in June - coffee chat
  • road trip time! The chaos is real. Can you see their sleep masks?
  • girls discovered my homemade “milkshakes” are a shame.. the real thing is SO much better 😂
  • loving us some bbq, music and dancing on Beale Street
  • coffee stop on our drive home, we were feeling all the crazies here 😝


  • My former high heel wearing corporate self would laugh at the fact that I only wear my favorite Birkenstocks or Tevas in the summer. I just got this new pair of Tevas (that I was coveting for weeks) and I am a little embarrassed how excited I am about them.
  • Need creative life inspiration? I just finished this book and feel so inspired and energized to start some new creative projects! A must-read! ✨
  • I’m a little behind, but I just binged-watech the show Fleabag, and OMG the second season is perfection! Plus, I pretty much want her entire wardrobe.
  • Also, Big Little Lies is soooooo good! What are you binge-watching this month?
  • I was kinda scared of wearing rompers, thanks to my post-baby hips, but I am loving this romper swim cover-up, it’s very forgiving.


  • They are loving this fun journal that is all about them! Great for kids pre-K – 2nd grade.
  • This face pint kit has been a huge hit (see picture above;)
  • Loving this Stories Podcast – great for ages 4-8.
  • It’s popsicles season in our house – this, this and this are our favorite popsicles molds. This one is especially good for the toddlers!

How are you doing? How are you going to fill your summer? Be sure to keep in touch.