18 Amazing Stage 2 Baby Food Recipes that will rock your baby’s taste buds! These colorful homemade combination purees are full of flavor, and nutrients and are a fun way for your baby to experience the wonderful world of food, one which they will never forget. It’s going to be a foodie trip of a lifetime, so pack baby’s spoon and away we go! Great 6+ month baby food, or Stage Two Baby Food.

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Medically reviewed and co-written by Jamie Johnson, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), and Lauren Braaten, Pediatric Occupational Therapist (OT).

Combination Baby Purees

Now that your baby has made their way through some or all of these delicious stage one purees, they can now move on to the more exciting world of combination purees (or stage two purees)!

With a few exceptions, most foods are now for the eating! Curry, kale, mangos, raspberries, beef, vanilla beans, asparagus, tandoori and even salmon can be on the menu.

So it’s time to tempt baby’s taste buds and start developing their palettes to love foods that are fresh, colorful, and full of good-for-you nutrients.

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Stage Two Broccoli, White Bean and Apple Puree

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make a stage two puree!

Cup full of Thai chicken pure with spoon filled with baby food puree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Stage Two Puree?

Stage 2 Baby Purees, or Combination Puree, are made with multiple ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, grains, yogurt, meats, spices, and herbs. Stage 2 Purees are still smooth but are usually thicker in consistency than Stage One Purees.

When should I move to Stage 2 purees?

It is safe for you to move on to Stage Two Purees after your baby has tried several single-ingredient Stage One purees and you feel comfortable with your baby having more exposure to a variety of foods. This transition from Stage One to Stage Two purees usually happens between 6-8 months.

Helpful Tools

These tools will make it a lot easier to make homemade baby food purees. For more of my favorite kitchen tools make sure to check out my shop.

baby food puree of meal for baby.

How to Make Stage Two Purees

There are two different strategies you can take when making homemade stage two purees – the first one is taking single-ingredient purees and combining them when thawed into a delicious new combination puree. For example – you can take 2 frozen cubes of broccoli puree and 1 frozen cube of apple puree, thaw them and then mix together to get a new combination puree for baby! Below I will give you some ideas on what you can do with any freezer stash you have on hand.

The second method is to cook delicious combination recipes that combine fruits, veggies, spices, grains and proteins in new and interesting ways for your baby. Below I have listed 18 fan-favorite recipes that have wowed babies for years!

Easy Combination Purees

A small white bowl filled with a bright red baby food puree.

How to Store Baby Purees

Every recipe below has specific instructions on how to store that particular puree, but these are the general guidelines.


You can store the puree in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days. 


Most homemade puree can be frozen for up to 4 months.

  • Spoon puree into a freezer storage container. Do not overfill. 
  • Place the lid on the storage container or cover with a piece of saran wrap, and label with the date and recipe name. 
  • Place the tray into the freezer and let it freeze completely — preferably overnight. 
  • Pop-out the baby food cubes and place them in a ziplock baggie or stasher bag. Don’t forget to relabel the baggie or stasher bag for future reference.

Need more information on how to store your baby foods? Head over to my Best Baby Food Storage Containers – Plus 6 Tips on Freezing and Thawing post!

Feeding Tips

  • Try adding a little seasoning or spice to purees – babies like flavor! Or consider changing the temperature of purees from time to time, to slightly warmed or slightly chilled. Varying these aspects adds to the sensory experience!
  • Place a small amount of puree on the tray during spoon-feeding, so that your baby can dip their fingers or hands in the puree. Allowing your baby to explore foods in this way helps them learn to self-feed and can help them be more willing to try new textures and foods in the future.
  • Have a spare spoon (or three!) – even very young babies often want to be involved in feeding themselves as much as possible. Giving your baby an extra spoon to hold can be helpful in giving her a sense of control and also promotes hand-eye coordination. Allow your baby to use spoons as a teether during the meal. There are many great options out there but a few we particularly love include the Olababy 3 Piece Set, the NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils, and the ChooMee FlexiDip Baby Starter Spoons.
  • Purees are great to keep in your baby’s regular rotation of foods – but if you start feeding with traditional weaning using purees, make sure to progress beyond eating ONLY purees. Once your baby can safely and comfortably swallow purees (usually by 7 or 8 months) it’s time to introduce other textures, such as teething biscuits and soft-cooked finger foods. Moving onto additional textures in a timely manner may help prevent feeding difficulties at a later age.
one meal for baby - baby food puree or baby-led weaning.

Broccoli, Apple + White Beans Baby Food Meal

5 stars (25 ratings)
This broccoli, apple and white beans recipe can either be made as a puree for your littlest or served as baby led weaning. Made with just 3 simple ingredients, the plant based puree, or the finger food, is all made in one pot. The puree is great for make ahead freezer baby meals.
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Image is of a glass bowl filled with smooth baby food puree.

Apples, Butternut Squash and Carrots with Curry Baby Food Puree

4.87 stars (37 ratings)
This Apple, Butternut Squash, and Carrot Baby Food Puree is seasoned with curry to tempt baby’s tastebuds!
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Image of raspberry and apple puree in a glass bowl with a spoon resting on top.

Apple, Raspberry with Vanilla Baby Food Puree

5 stars (8 ratings)
Filled with sweet apples, tart raspberries and aromatic vanilla bean, this puree is going to be a taste-sensation for baby (and you!).
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spread of meal for baby - purees or finger foods for baby-led weaning.

Chicken, Squash + Cauliflower Baby Food Meal

5 stars (8 ratings)
This sheet pan meal is so easy, and it makes a smooth, easy to eat puree or is ideal for baby-led weaning. Chicken, squash and cauliflower baby food is ideal for make ahead meals for your little ones and full of healthy and natural ingredients.
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Spoon resting on top of a glass jar filled with mango and kale baby food puree.

Mango + Kale Baby Food Puree with Ginger

4.89 stars (9 ratings)
This puree has it all – super sweet mango, healthy superstar kale and a pinch of tummy yummy ginger that will leave your baby happy and healthy! 
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close up of a clear bowl filled with creamy homemade puree.

Pumpkin Chicken Baby Food Puree

5 stars (8 ratings)
Made with pumpkin, chicken, parsnips and ginger for a fun and nutritious take on the tastes of the season.
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A clear glass jar filled with a smooth green baby food puree.

Broccoli + Asparagus Baby Food Puree with Tarragon

5 stars (2 ratings)
This Broccoli + Asparagus Puree is filled with 3 different green vegetables and rounded out with a touch of pear sweetness and refreshing tarragon.
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Cup full of Thai chicken pure with spoon filled with baby food puree.

Thai Chicken Baby Food Puree with Mango

4.84 stars (30 ratings)
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A small white bowl filled with a bright red baby food puree.

Banana, Cherry + Beet Baby Food Puree

5 stars (10 ratings)
This intensely colored Banana, Cherry and Beet Baby Food Puree is full of fiber, potassium, antioxidants and a vast amount of other essential vitamins and minerals for baby.
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Glass bowl filled with homemade puree with spoon resting on top.

Cauliflower, Apple + Tandoori Baby Food Puree

5 stars (3 ratings)
This Cauliflower, Apple + Tandoori Baby Food Puree finds the perfect balance of sweet, tangy with a slight kick from the tandoori. Great way to introduce baby to the bold and exotic flavor profile of tandoori.
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A small glass jar filled with roasted root veggie baby food puree.

Roasted Root Veggies + Thyme Baby Food

5 stars (10 ratings)
This golden yellow puree is filled with roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and beets and sprinkled with a little olive oil and thyme for a delicious and healthy baby puree meal!
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Small white bowl filled with blueberry banana avocado baby food puree.

5-Minute Banana, Blueberry + Avocado Baby Food Puree

4.94 stars (43 ratings)
Packed with nutrients that help in bone, heart and brain development, this puree provides a big dose of nutrients to baby in a super tasty way!
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Fennel, Peach + Pea Baby Food Puree

5 stars (13 ratings)
This Fennel, Peach + Pea Baby Food Puree is a sweet green puree with a fun licorice twist from the fennel.
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small glass jar filled with purple baby food.

Purple Carrots, Blueberries with Nutmeg Baby Food Puree

5 stars (5 ratings)
Filled with wholesome purple carrots, superfood blueberries and a pinch of earthly nutmeg, this puree will delight baby’s tastebuds.
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Spoon filled with baby food puree rising on a dish filled with blueberries and chickpeas.

Blueberry Chickpea with Rosemary Baby Food Puree

5 stars (51 ratings)
This puree is packed with antioxidants, fiber, Vitamin A and C from the blueberries and protein, zinc, manganese, folate and iron from the chickpeas. All of that goodness packed into a super simple and delicious puree!
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Glass bowl filled with spiced pear baby food puree.

Spiced Pear Oat Baby Food Puree

5 stars (20 ratings)
Loaded with fiber, complex carbohydrates and anti-inflammatory support for a busy baby. Great Stage 2 or 3 baby food.
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cups stacked on top of each other filled with puree.

Sweet Potato, Mango with Ginger Baby Food Puree

5 stars (10 ratings)
I have found that when ginger is paired with sweet potato and mango, it calms down a little and is perfect for baby's delicate taste buds!
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Clear jar filled with strawberry salmon baby food.

Roasted Strawberry + Salmon Baby Food Puree

4.84 stars (31 ratings)
This Roasted Strawberry + Salmon Baby Food Puree is loaded with healthy omega-3's, antioxidants, vitamin A and potassium, and is perfect for both babies and toddlers!
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Image is of a clear cup with the chunky puree inside, with a spoon resting on top of the lid.

Blueberry, Mango + Avocado Baby Food Puree

5 stars (8 ratings)
This Blueberries, Mango + Avocado Baby Food Puree is a nutrient dense and delicious meal for baby that takes less than 5 minutes to make!
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Spread of glass bowls filled with produce and a homemade baby food puree.

3 Berry + Apple Baby Food Puree

5 stars (5 ratings)
This puree that is bursting with essential nutrients for growing baby – fiber, antioxidants, phytoflavinoids and countless other vitamin and minerals.
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Wood cutting board with a small bowl filled with pumpkin baby food puree with chopped up veggies around it.

Carrot, Corn & Pumpkin Baby Food Puree

5 stars (14 ratings)
This comforting fall flavored Carrot, Corn & Pumpkin will surly be a winner with baby’s expanding tastebuds. And since it is filled with nutrients that help boost baby’s eye, nerve, bone and brain development, it will be a winner with mom as well.
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Graphic for post – 18 stage two baby food purées, a grid of four colorful combination purées for baby.

Get the recipe: Stage 2 Baby Purees: Blueberry Chickpea Puree

4.8 stars (37 ratings)
Here are 18 amazing stage two puree recipes for baby! This recipe for an easy no-cook blueberry chickpea puree is made with protein-rich beans and is perfect for baby 6 months and up.


  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup chickpeas, strained and rinsed
  • pinch fresh rosemary, coursely chopped


  • In a blender or food processor, add in the blueberries, chickpeas and rosemary.
  • For a smooth stage 2 puree, puree on high for 1-2 minutes or until completely smooth, adding in 1 tbsp of water at a time to achieve this consistency.
  • For a chunky stage 3 puree, pulse for 10 seconds at a time, scraping down sides every 30 seconds and stopping when you have desired consistency, adding in 1 tbsp of water at a time to achieve this consistency.


Age: 6+ months
Yield: 12 ounces
Storage: Fridge – store in an airtight container in the fridge for 3-4 days. Freezer – can be frozen for up to 1 month. 

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