These 8 Baby-Led Weaning Meal Ideas for Baby + Toddler are going to be a big hit in your house! These meals are perfect for baby-led weaning, finger foods for baby or as toddler meals. Great lunch and dinner ideas for the whole family! Great for 9 months and up.

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Scratching your head and wondering what’s for dinner?

Look no further!

These 8 delicious meal ideas are great for baby, toddler, kids and adults alike.

Healthy, versatile, fun and above all else they taste good!

Reasons to LOVE these 8 baby-led weaning Meal ideas for baby + toddler:

  • great baby food for 9+ months and up
  • perfect for baby -led weaning or the finger food stage
  • family-friendly – the whole family will love them
  • easy dinner ideas
  • healthy baby and toddler meals
  • nutrient dense for growing kiddos
  • most can be customized for family preferences and allergy concerns
  • can be made for lunches or dinners
  • leftovers can be packed for a school lunch
  • great toddler lunch and dinner ideas

Who to Serve these 8 Baby-Led Weaning Meals to:

  • baby’s 6-9 months and up that are doing baby-led weaning – all of these meals are great for baby to eat and explore on their own. Just make sure to cut the foods up into appropriate sizes for your babes age.
  • baby’s 9 months and up that are in the finger food stage – these meals are full of flavor and are a great way to transition baby from purees to real foods.
  • toddlers – all of these recipes are great toddler lunch or dinner ideas. They include meals for picky-eaters, vegetarians, kiddos with food allergies,
  • family – these meals are great not only for baby and toddler, but also you! The entire family will love these meals and I even gave some ways in each recipe on how to spice the recipe up for bolder tastes.

Baked Seasoned Chicken Tenders & Sweet Potatoes

round white plate sitting on top of a blue napkin with chunks of roasted sweet potato, cut blueberries and a chicken tender cut into finger foods for baby.

An easy and healthy sheet pan meal for baby – tender seasoned chicken tenders with a side of roasted sweet potato chunks. A perfect meal to serve to baby as finger foods or to toddler with a fork. 

Easy-Peasy 5 Veggie Pasta for Baby

baby-led weaning meal - 2 small white bowls filled with pasta and veggies sit on top of green and white checkered napkin. Small orange bowl filled with parmesan sits off to the side.

This wholesome dish is made by tossing together your favorite pasta, a whopping 5 different veggies and a simple yet delicious basil dressing. Everything is the same finger food size for easy eating for baby. 

Mexican Sweet Potato Boats

white round plate sitting on a yellow napkin with 2 halves of a sweet potato on top loaded with healthy toppings, great for toddler lunch idea

These sweet potato boats are a family-friendly way to serve sweet potatoes to the entire family – including those picky eaters. Babies are happy because they can eat this dish with their fingers. Toddlers and picky eaters are happy because they can top their own boat with their favorite Mexican toppings. And adults are happy because they get to make one meal for the entire family that they can amp up with a spicy salsa, cream cheese and a squeeze of lime. 

Baby’s First Bolognese 

2 white bowls filled with pasta and bolognese sauce, sitting on top of a green napkin. Small bowl of parmesan sits off to the side. Blue fork in sitting on top of one of the bowls with pasta on it - great finger foods for baby

A thick and hearty bolognese sauce with added veggies is the perfect way to introduce this classic sauce to your baby. This sauce is versatile and can be served over your favorite pasta, brown rice, zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash. 

Easy Veggie “Fried” Rice for Baby + Toddler

2 small white bowls sitting on top of an orange floral napkin. Inside the bowl is a baby and toddler meal idea of easy fried rice with a ton of veggies and scrambled eggs.

This healthy version of the classic dish is filled with your favorite rice, a mix of veggies and a  scrambled egg for some protein. You can use whichever veggies your little one prefers to make this dish and instant classic in your home. 

Kale Pesto Chicken Quesadilla

round white plate sitting on top of a teal napkin. On the plate is a baby and toddler meal idea - 4 wedges of baby-led weaning kale and chicken quesadilla, one wedge has a bite taken out of it. Side of chopped raspberries make for great finger foods for baby

This baby-friendly chicken quesadilla is amped-up with a secret ingredient – kale!  

Taco Tuesday for Baby

round white plate sitting on a bright yellow napkin. On the plate is a pile of ground turkey with beans sprinkled with cheese and a side of chopped tomatoes, sliced peppers and avocado chunks - great for baby-led weaning

Don’t forget about baby’s dinner on your favorite meal night of the week – Taco Tuesday! This flavorful meal is filled with your favorite taco flavors, only mini-sized for those little hands to be able to eat. 

Crispy Salmon Bites with Steamed Broccoli & Cauliflower 

round white plate sitting on a blue napkin with finger foods for baby meal - chunks of crispy salmon bites and steamed broccoli and cauliflower.

These salmon bites are a great way to introduce salmon to baby or toddler in an easy-to-eat foolproof way. Salmon bites are covered with crispy breadcrumbs and flavored with a big pinch of dried herbs, then baked until crispy golden brown. Serve with steamed vegetables and your babe’s favorite dipping sauce for a new baby-approved meal. 


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