Carrot Applesauce is a perfect afternoon snack for your baby + toddler + kids (and yourself). Full of wholesome apples, carrots and spices, this puree tastes just like a bowlful of warm carrot cake (minus the cream cheese frosting of course:)! So versatile, it is also great for school lunches, breakfasts and even dessert.

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Carrot Applesauce

Why heeelllllooooooo there, most delicious applesauce I have ever had in my life.

Yup, I’m talking to you up there 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻with your carrots + apples + spices galore.

I think I am in love.

I know I am in love.

Okay, maybe not LOVE love.

But we should defintely be best friends – bffs if you will.

Because I know that when I get to the bottom of your jar and you are all gone, I will be devastated.

I will cry.

And it will be embarrassing for me to be crying over an empty jar of carrot applesauce.

The girls will come into the kitchen and give me looks of concern, then they will get annoyed and embarrassed for having such a cry-baby mom. They will do a quick look-around to make sure no one is witnessing this tragic event and then they will continue on in their pursuit to destroy the house.

So let’s make a deal – you stick around all the time in my fridge and just refill yourself as fast as we eat you and I won’t make you witness any awkward moments of adult mommy tears.



A spread of fresh ingredients scattered on the white background.

I know what you are thinking – apples, carrot and spices. Really? How incredible could that really be. This is probably just a ploy to get a little extra veggies into your kids.

Well, that is totally true. The veggie part I mean.

Because Ellie has learned at school that all veggies or ‘icky’ and her new favorite phrase at dinner is ‘me don’t like that’, even before she knows what is for dinner. It’s pizza honey, I am pretty sure it’s a law that you have to like it.

Fresh apples and carrots are getting cut on a cutting board and tossed into a saucepan.

I started by making my tried-and-true applesauce recipe and because sometimes (all the time) you need to spice things up, I added in a couple of carrots, a splash of vanilla, a pinch of cloves and big ol’ sprinkle of cinnamon. Let’s get real, cinnamon is the key ingredient to all amazing apple recipes.

What I didn’t expect was exactly how good this carrot applesauce was going to be.

Apples + Carrots + Spices = New Culinary Obsession

It’s tastes like you are eating a warm bowl full of carrot cake.

While you don’t have to serve this warm, it makes it all that much better.

To push it WAY over the top and into the amazing food status, try adding a dollop of whipped coconut or real cream on top. Mind-blown!

Saucepan is full of chopped produce with the spices sprinkled on top.

Serve for Breakfast ✔️
Serve for Lunch ✔️
Serve for Snack ✔️
Serve for Dessert ✔️
Serve to toddlers/kids/parents ✔️
Serve as a baby puree ✔️

Overhead shot of the applesauce in a jar with a spoon resting ontop.

While most of the time the girls and I enjoy this carrot applesauce as a quick afternoon snack – sitting on the counter, eating from one big bowl with one spoon (oh, that’s why we are always sick), I also like to add this to those reusable pouches for a quick on-the-go snack. I fill them about half way with the carrot applesauce and then top off with some Greek yogurt, toss them in my purse and the girls are in snack heaven.

You might think those reusable pouches are just for baby purees. Think again.

I can puree anything and put them into those pouches and the girls think they have a special treat in store for them. Sometimes that treat is pureed spinach, broccoli and apples (sneaky mom), or leftover smoothy (lazy mom) and other times it’s this amazing carrot applesauce with Greek yogurt (awesome mom).

The trick to ‘yummy’ and not ‘icky’ can be as simple as putting it into a reusable pouch.

The trick is also keeping your jar of carrot applesauce full. Which isn’t an easy feat.

A couple of reusable pouches with an empty jar of carrot applesauce next to it.


A glass bowl of carrot applesauce with a spoon going inside.

Get the recipe: Carrot Applesauce for Baby + Toddler

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Carrot Applesauce is the perfect afternoon snack for your toddler or baby (and yourself) that is full of wholesome apples, carrots and spices, and tastes just like a bowl of warm carrot cake,



  • Add all ingredients to a medium or large stock pot and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer, cover and cook for 35-45 minutes, stirring occasionally, or until carrots are tender when pricked with a fork. Let cool slightly.
  • Transfer all ingredients to a blender or a food processor and pulse until you have reached your desired consistency. For toddlers and family applesauce, I just pulsed for 20 seconds until just blended and there was still some chunkiness to it. For baby, you can puree for 1-2 minutes until smooth and creamy.


Age: from 6 months and up
Yield: 30 ounces
Storage: Fridge – store in an airtight container in the fridge for 3-4 days. Freezer – can be frozen for up to 4 months (this and this are my favorite freezer storage containers).
Favorite Kitchen Tools: Get a list of my favorite kitchen tools to make the best baby food here!
Notes on Apples: I left my apples peel on the apples for a more fiber (and cuz I am lazy) but you can peel the apples if you prefer.

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