These 4 Baby-Led Weaning Snack Foods are going to be a hit with your baby or toddler! Can be served as a snack or as part of lunch or dinner. Great for 6-9 months and older!

graphic - 4 baby-led weaning snack food ideas (fast, healthy, homemade!), with 4 squares of each snack - tofu nuggets, cheese crackers, warm peaches and a strawberry yogurt dip.

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These baby–led weaning snacks are going to blow your baby’s mind! They are seriously soooooooooo good! So good in fact, you are going to be snacking right along side of babe:)

Filled with wholesome ingredients that deliver big on essential vitamins and minerals for growing baby as well as taste, these snacks are going to be on heavy rotation in your house.

Reasons to Love these Baby-Led Weaning Snack Foods:

  • great for baby-led weaning or the finger food stage
  • these snacks are perfect for babies with or without teeth
  • can be a snack or used as a side in a lunch or dinner
  • they are SO good you will snack on them as well
  • easy for baby or toddler to pick up and eat by themselves
  • great for 6-9 months and up
  • can be cut into small “pea” size pieces or 2-3 inch strips for all ages of baby
  • made with wholesome ingredients
  • easy to make
  • full of flavor as well as nutrients
  • stores well in fridge or freezer for easy use
white bowl filled with cubes of seasoned tofu onto of a blue napkin.

Baked Seasoned Tofu Chunks

These crispy bite-sized pieces of tofu are a fun and tasty way for baby to get protein in their diet.  Tofu is a great consistency for babies that don’t have all of their teeth in yet, as it is soft on the inside with just a gently browning on the outside.  

white plate with a small bowl of pink strawberry cream cheese dip and along with 2 fruit kabobs with strawberry, banana, kiwi and blackberry as well as a small pile of pretzels. All on top of a pink napkin.

Healthy Strawberry Yogurt Dip

Let your toddler have their fun and eat it to! Toddlers love to dip and this naturally sweetened dip is a winner. Protein filled greek yogurt and cream cheese are mixed with strawberries in a simple dip that can be served with your toddler’s favorite fruit, crackers, pretzels or fruit skewers. 

small green plastic bowl filled with yellow cheddar crackers. Some crackers on spilled out on a white background.

Whole Grain Cheese Crackers

These snack-able whole grain crackers are going to be a big hit with your toddler. With no rolling involved, these wholesome crackers are also a snap to make. 

baby-led weaning snack - White bowl filled with peach chunks. Sits on a green napkin and blue fork is nestled into bowl.

Warm Peach Chunks with Nutmeg

Warmed chunks of peaches pair perfectly with a pinch of nutmeg for a naturally sweetened finger food for baby. You can serve the peach chunks by themselves or add them to the top of yogurt, cottage cheese or smeared on top of a piece of toast to use instead of jam.