One of the things I decided when I was on maternity leave, funny how much thinking you can get done during the long hours of the night feeding an infant, was that each week I wanted to feature a different item. It could be a fruit, vegetable, grain, you name it. The only requirements were that this item would have to be in season and something that I was crushing on at that moment.

So last week I started it off with Pumpkin with this, this and this recipe – yes, the bombardment of everything pumpkin on this site was planned in case you were wondering.

This week we are moving on to Oats! If you tend to have sleepless nights like me and have dug through my archives you will know that I could have a love affair with Oats. It would be a wonderful love affair; one that lasts only 6 months, has just that right amount of cozy and warmth like your favorite grey sweater that fits you in all the right ways and is so flexible that you can do almost anything to it. It is also a love affair that wouldn’t get you in trouble with your significant other or your waist line.

So let’s start this week off right! Grab another cup of coffee and let’s get cruising around the internet for some of my favorite recipes using our crush of the week – the Oat.

Pumpkin Maple Pecan Granola – A little bit of fall and a whole lot of goodness, this granola recipe is a great seasonal staple for your pantry. Sprinkle over some greek yogurt with pear or apple chunks for a great toddler snack.

Homemade Baby Oat Nibble Bars (with blueberries) – Great snack bars for on the go tots! Filled with oats, blueberries and dates to satisfy the youngest of eaters. Could see freezing 1/2 the batch in individual baggies for a quick snack when you need something pronto.

Peach Oat Smoothie – Smoothies are great breakfast or snack idea for your toddler and by adding oats, it will leave them fuller for even longer. The recipe calls for fresh peaches, but frozen peaches work just as well.

Amish-Style Baked Oatmeal with Apples, Raisins and Walnuts – This recipe tastes like part bread pudding and part french toast! Not to worry, it is healthy and filling enough for any weekday breakfast, but don’t tell your little one because I convinced they would eat this baked oatmeal right out of the dish if you let them.

Brown Sugar Oat Muffins – A simple and wholesome muffin with just enough sweetness, these  will be a big hit with any family. I suggest switching the canola oil for coconut oil and all the flour to whole wheat flour for an even healthier muffin.

Carrot, Corn + Pumpkin Puree – Filled with pumpkin, sweet corn and wholesome carrots – this puree will surely be a hit with any baby.