Here’s to hoping that you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend and ate way too much pie, took at least one long nap, bought yourself something totally unnecessary but completely essential during the mega sales, played with your kiddos, didn’t clean up your house except to wash a fork in order to eat more pie, left messes at other people houses, drank way too many glasses of wine and had some time to hang with your significant other. Wowza, that’s a lot to do/not do during a long weekend. Bonus points if you didn’t have an ounce of guilt for any of it. You work hard. You deserve to take a weekend and do whatever you want from time to time.

Now to officially kick off the most magical month of the year, here is your December Meal Plan. Let’s plan to make it all this week, so the rest of the month we don’t have to even think about what we are going to feed baby. It will all done. Easy as that.

Sweet Potato, Quinoa, Apple, Carrot Puree – Start with this easy 15-minute puree recipes and then add in cooked quinoa at your discretion.

Banana and Coconut Puree – There are 3 amazing recipes on this post, and I love them all because they feature Chia Seeds! This amazing seed boasts a ton of omega-3 fatty acids for baby and can be introduced around 7 months of age.

Apple + Mint + Cottage Cheese Puree – Think of this as a fancy version of my go to Apple + Cinnamon puree. A classic puree just kicked up a notch. Can substitute the cottage cheese for yogurt or ricotta.

Fennel + Peach + Pea Puree – A little sweet, a little sass. This puree has it all! Made with frozen peaches, peppery fennel and tangy peas, this puree will give your baby a taste bud adventure they will not forget.

Apricot and Cauliflower Swirl – A sweet way for baby to devour plain ol’ cauliflower. And if you are Lindsey and insane about being paleo, then you can probably turn this puree into some sort of ice cream for adults!

Click Here to Download the Meal Plan and Shopping List

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