These 15 Healthy Finger Foods for Toddlers will make feeding your active toddler a snap! Delicious and easy to make, these recipes will help you feed your toddler nutritious meals and snacks all day long.

Grid of healthy finger food meals

Feeding toddlers can be pretty tricky!

Typically at this age, toddlers only want to feed themselves, ‘mmeeeee do it’ is still a very popular phrase in our house:). So while their gumption is there, they still might not be ready to eat full sizes of kids and grown up foods yet. That can make it hard for you to come up with foods that are small enough for them to eat yet are still packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals that their growing bodies need. In fact, one of the questions I always get from my readers is, ‘what the heck do I feed my 1-2 year old’?

While I want to tell you to just feed your toddler the exact same meals that you are eating, because that is the motto that I live by now that my girls are bigger, depending on how old your toddler is that isn’t always possible. Sometimes you just want to snack on a crunchy Kind Bar or a have a spicy lentil soup for dinner that you don’t want to tame down for your toddler. I get you!

Below you will find some of my kiddos favorite meals and snacks that they devoured when they were toddlers.

In the pictures you might see that some of the foods might look too big for what age your toddler is, but just know that you can just cut up or scale down anything in these recipes to accommodate your toddlers food size range.

Rainbow Peppers + Feta Quiche for Toddler

Peach Summer Fruit Salad for Toddlers with Mint + Honey Dressing

Spiced Blender Pancakes for Baby + Toddler

Butternut Squash ‘Mac and Cheese’ for Toddler

Spring-Fling Finger Salad for Toddlers

3 Fall Blender Muffins for Baby + Toddler (Gluten and Refined-Sugar Free)

Mini Chicken + Carrot Meatballs for Baby + Toddlers

Roasted Root Vegetables for Baby + Toddler

Sweet Potato Waffles for Baby & Toddler

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Tomato + Mozzarella + Olives + Basil Toddler Snack

Toddler Breakfast Oat Cups – 4 Tasty Ways (Gluten and Refined-Sugar Free)

Blackberry + Cucumber + Melon Toddler Finger Salad

Avocado + Blueberry Yummy Toddler Muffins

Beets + Orange + Mint Toddler Finger Food

Toddler Tofu Sticks + Peanut Dipping Sauce