This is another fun toddler finger food recipe that I stole from my friend Mary – yes, the one that did this, this and this guest post. And while she is too busy to do any guest posts in the near future, I will continue to steal all of her amazing recipes and share them with you guys.

Yup, I have no morals when it comes to food idea stealing.

Plus, I know you need to have this amazing little snack in your kiddos life.

Plus Plus, I am giving her credit and she knows I totally love her.

I mean, look at that color! Bright orange beets mixed with bright orange oranges (weird wording, I know) with a little mint mixed in for an extra kick, you can’t get any better then this.

As you know by now, I love beets and I love feeding beets to my little one. The problem is that as soon as the little ones start feeding themselves those delicious red beets can get a little messy. Enter the golden beet. Sweeter then the red beets but just as nutritious, the golden beet is a perfect finger food for your tot to grab onto without the bloody mess.

To make this very simple recipe, you start by tossing some beets into the oven, which you can do at almost any temperature and I usually do this while cooking dinner to save on the hassle of turning on the oven just for roasting some beets. Then, let them cool, peel and chop. Chop up some oranges and mix them both together. You can drain the juices but why bother. The orange juices will just add even more flavor to the beets. Roughly chop in some mint and you have a snack made full of sunshine and tastes like heaven.

Toddler Finger Food – Roasted Golden Beet + Orange + Mint

1 organic golden beet
1 organic orange
1-2 leaves mint, chopped

Heat oven to 350F. Wash and wrap beet in tin foil and toss in oven for 45 minutes or until tender with a fork. Let cool. Peel skin off of beet and cut into small pieces. Cut or peel rind off of orange and cut into small pieces. Keep separate until you are ready to serve then combine beets, orange and mint and gently toss.

Store individually for 4 days in fridge.