October is a transition month for your Meal Plan for Babies guide, it’s still hot enough to let us use up the last of summer’s ripe berries and our bounty of squash and zucchini but not cold enough to dive into the root vegetables and roasting of everything and anything [we will save that for next month].

Yellow Squash and Tarragon Puree – Vibrant Yellow Squash sautéed with zesty Tarragon and little olive oil to boost the healthy fat, I would recommend doubling  or even tripling this recipe to last you the entire month. Love the idea of adding quinoa or ricotta cheese to this puree.

Squash A Flower – Mango, Cauliflower and Zucchini – This colorful puree is full of vitamin C and has more potassium then a banana which is perfect to guard off the pre-season colds. Would pair this with roasted chicken, millet or even a thick goat milk yogurt.

Green Bean + Parsley Puree – Easy to make and even easier for your little one to devour. This puree is smooth and tasty. Works well with steamed fish, roasted chicken or even a spoonful of beef puree.

3 Berry + Apple + Rosemary Puree – Bright and cheerful, this puree will put a smile on both your and your little ones face. Great mixed in oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast or as a healthy snack during the day.

Oven Baked Perch with Veggies – Make a delicious and nutritious meal all at once! This easy puree can be chunky or smooth depending on how long you puree it for.

Papaya, Mango and Pear Puree – Tastes like a tropical getaway for those not so nice Fall days. With a bonus that the mango and pear will help ease babies constipation. What a great puree for anytime of the day.

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