This months Meal Plan includes 6 flavor rich and fun new recipes that will leave your baby drooling over ingredients like tofu, lentils, broccoli, basil, mangos and dried cherries. Not to mention, look at those brilliant colors!!!

Green, bright orange, red, deep purple – oh my!!

I don’t talk about it enough, but serving baby bright and colorful purees is a great way to not only have and keep them visually interested in their food but it is also a way for them to learn how to associate bright and colorful food with yummy and delicious food.

Colorful Food —> Happy Baby

Think about it this way, when was the last time you were super excited to eat a big bowl of beige flavorless soup? Ummm, like never! You want something colorful! You want something with flavor! You want it right now! A bowl of red lentil soup, orange carrot and ginger soup or even a green broccoli and leek soup. We all eat with our eyes. You want to eat something colorful, with flavor and with texture.

Your baby is no different.

This month, when you are serving your baby her meals, think about what color of purees you are giving them? Are the bright and beautiful? Are they varied at every meal (I always seem to give a ton of different orange purees to baby Parker)? Take a second and try to you give your little one the brightest, most colorful (happiest) and varied purees this month.

Do you want to hit me right now because I just gave you homework!?!?! It’s okay, I can take it:)

Eat Your Greens Puree – such a delicious way for your baby to get in some extra greens. You can use apples or leeks instead of the white potatoes if you want, and I would for sure add 1 tablespoon fresh chives or green onions for a little spring kick!

Mango + Apple + Dried Cherry Puree – a fun and easy puree that will surely delight your little ones taste buds.

Red Lentils Puree – puree this italian lentil soup for baby and serve as-is for you! 2 meals in one is the way to go!!

Roasted Banana and Blueberry Puree – I love me some roasted bananas (here and here) and I absolutely love the idea of adding blueberries with them as they roast. Go ahead and add a sprinkle of cinnamon or cloves on top before roasting for a taste sensation!

Butternut Squash with Tofu and Tahini – a great recipe that includes tofu for some extra protein for baby. When choosing a tofu, be sure to look for organic and sprouted tofu brands, which will be both GMO free and more nutrient dense then the original versions.

Pear + Cardamon Puree – this simple pear puree is a great way to switch up the same-old apple puree that I know you have in your freezer. A great puree for baby’s breakfast, lunch, snack or to mix into any other puree for a yummy combo puree.

Download Meal Plan and Shopping List Here!