As we continue our little series of getting to know the moms that put together Baby FoodE, I want to welcome my personal fitness hero, Lindsey. As I may have mentioned before, Lindsey is one of those moms that walks out of the hospital after giving birth already back to her pre-pregnancy weight, and as much as I find this completely annoying I also find it very enduring. The reason I can’t completely hate her is because Lindsey is such a great motivator, friend and voice of reason that helps me really look at what I am eating and how I am working out. She doesn’t judge, just encourages you to be the best you can possibly be. She is also someone that I know I can always count on when the little one is driving me nuts and I  just happen to need a 9am cupcake break. 
Thank you Lindsey for letting us take a sneak peak into your life.


What do your little one(s) like to eat?  

Emmett is just over 2 and he loves to eat everything!  I attribute this to eating a wide variety of foods while I was pregnant with him and also to exposing him to to most fruits and vegetables as his first foods.  We also received many of Michele’s baby food frozen cubes which also helped expose him to different flavors.

What is on their better-not-come-in-contact-with-my-plate list?  

Honestly, nothing is off limits to Emmett.  He will eat anything.

What is your go to meal when you are tight on time?  

I love making Emmett nut butter sandwiches on whole wheat or sprouted bread with a side of apples and edamame.  


What are some of your favorite foods? 

My favorite foods are fresh fruits from Farmer’s Markets.  I love the taste of a freshly picked peach or watermelon.  

My least favorite food is like my son, I don’t have one!  

What is your favorite mommy beverage?  

Red wine, specifically Malbecs.  I also love craft beers.  IPA’s are my favorites.

What are a couple things you rock at? 

I consider myself a pretty good distance runner.  I could run 10 miles every day without ever getting sore, tired or bored with it.  

What are a couple things you are working on?  

Right now I’m working on some soul searching in terms of my next career move.  I’m a stay at home mom right now but would like to continue onto building my health coaching career or taking things a step further and going back to school to start a nursing career. I’d also like to train for another marathon or a half marathon for this fall.

How do you balance everything in your life?  

I wake up super early if I know I have a jam packed schedule looking me in the face (we’re talking 4am early) and I also take advantage of nap times when I can.  My daughter isn’t on a schedule yet so when afternoon naps overlap it’s like I’ve hit the jackpot and go into crazy mode to get things accomplished during that time!

What do you do in those precious hours after the kiddos go to bed?  

I am brain dead because I wake up so early (before the kids) so those are my special me time hours.  I can’t get anything done at night so I usually watch trash TV or go to bed within an hour or two of putting them to bed.

What are some of your family’s favorite activities?  

We love going to the pool together.  It’s by far our favorite summer and winter time activity.  We have both an indoor and outdoor pool in our neighborhood so it’s great!  We also love going anywhere where both kids can be strapped in a stroller.  I’d say the zoo is a favorite for this or the Farmer’s Market.  Our son loves trying all the crazy foods that are served at Farmer’s Markets.

What is your family’s typical routine for the day?  

The days vary a little bit but my ideal (ha!) day looks like this:

5-6am: Wake up time for mamma.  I cherish this time so so much.  It allows me to get things done like blogging, writing thank you notes, drinking coffee and catching some news.

6am-8am: This time period always varies depending on when my daughter wakes up but I usually get my run in between 6-8am.  

8am-9am: Get my son up.  He’s usually been awake since 6am but we almost always leave him in his room until we’re ready to start the day with him.  He’s happy just sitting in his bed reading books, singing songs and talking to himself.  We also eat breakfast and get dressed during this hour.  My husband usually leaves for work around 8:30am so we’re on our own until he gets home.

9am-1pm: This is our out of house time.  Right now since it’s summer time, you can find us at the pool, at a park, at a friends house, a museum…Really the possibilities are endless but we’re almost always out of the house during this time period of the day.

1pm-5pm: This section of my day varies a little bit but normally it’s when we arrive home from our morning activities and unwind.  I sometimes let Emmett watch an episode of his favorite TV show (about 20 minutes or so) and then put him down for a nap.  He’s usually down for an average of 3 hours a day.  This is the point in my day where I’ll either run on my treadmill if I haven’t worked out yet or I’ll get some writing done or clean up the house.  If I’m super tired I’ll try to take a nap but that’s only if the baby cooperates too and is napping.  

5pm-7pm: This is the time of day that my husband gets home from work and we eat dinner.  It’s the craziest part of the day because it’s not enough time to leave the house and go do something before bed but it’s just enough time to kind of go stir crazy.  I usually start the baby’s bedtime routine at this point (6:30ish) and my husband is on Emmett duty.

7pm-9pm: This is my time.  I usually just zone out and watch TV after I clean up the kitchen from dinner and the house.  Sometimes I’ll do a load of laundry at this point but that’s rare.  I’m usually so worn out by 7pm that I don’t get a single thing done.  At 9pm it’s lights out!

9pm-5am: SLEEP!!! 

What is one thing you said you would never do before you had kids and now do all the time?  

Ha!  So much judgement passed through these lips before I had children!  But I think the one thing I said I’d never do was feed my kid processed sugar as a bribe.  To anyone reading right now who doesn’t have a child yet, sugar is the magic food that gets a child to do ANYTHING you want them to do.  And if you have a child then I’m sure you’ve already discovered this.  It’s a great tool.  I tried really hard during the first year of my son’s life not to feed him processed white sugar but after that all rules went out the window.  Maybe my daughter will have a better chance of not polluting her body but then again, she’s the second child and I hear you’re even more relaxed the second time around!