How Long Do Purees Last in the Freezer?

The answer to this question is both simple and complex and you will have to take a long look at your freezer to find the right answer for you.

Here are some of the variables that will effect the amount of time you can freeze your purees:

  • Do you have a deep freezer?
  • Is the freezer you are using filled to the brim with other food?
  • Can you store the baby puree cubes with room around the bags or ice cube trays, meaning are you putting other food items underneath or on top of your pureed cubes?
  • Is there nothing in your freezer besides ice cubes and a bottle of vodka?

Now that you have had a long look at your freezer [and probably found some food that you forgot was in there] we can move forward to the answer.

The basic rule is that the the colder you keep your pureed cubes the longer they will last in the freezer. A deep freezer is the best but any freezer that has room for each cube to get cold and stay frozen will work. I recommend that you find the coldest shelf or drawer in your freezer and dedicate that as your baby food storage area.

The guidelines below are for a normal freezer. So if you are using a deep freezer you can get away with adding a month to each category.

Fruit or Vegetable Purees – 3 months
Purees with meat or grains mixed in – 2 months

You might notice a little ice crystal build up after your cubes have been in the freezer for a couple of weeks. This is totally normal and is perfectly safe to feed your baby. During the freezing process the water inside the purees will come to the surface forming those crystals. If you find any freezer burn which is a grayish-brown spot you can either toss the cube or cut out the burnt part.