This Blackberry, Cucumber, and Melon Finger Salad recipe is a fantastic first finger food, on the go snack, or packed lunch side. It’s packed with blackberry, cucumber, and melon and full of healthy vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals! This beginner finger food will please everyone from your 1 year old through your picky eater toddler – and mom and dad too!

A bowl of blackberry and cucumber finger salad for baby led weaning, toddlers, and kids.

Lately, I’ve been in a rut with my toddler finger salads, which I am blaming on the cold weather and the lack of yummy looking produce and just as I was about to cry over my soggy apples and flavorless oranges, Spring arrived and now our market is jammed with colorful and fresh produce that has my creative tastebuds salivating.

There is something so liberating about taking off and packing away winter sweaters, not having to bundle two kids in coats, hats, mittens and boots, and most of all it is so nice to be able to open our windows and air out our house. Since, I live in Colorado, I know that it is only a matter of time before we get hit with a huge snow storm and for the past 2 years, it has snowed on Ellie’s birthday in May!! But I am going to embrace this Spring weather we are having with everything that I have, give it a biiiggggggggg ol’ hug and try not to get sunburned in the process.

This finger salad is about as fresh as you can get – crisp cucumber, sweet melon and plump juicy blackberries all mixed together with a hint of fresh mint! It is going to knock your toddlers socks off (that is if they let you put them on them in the first place)!

And if you are just joining us and wonder what the heck a finger salad is – well it is a salad that your toddler (or BLW baby) can eat with their fingers, no fork required. I usually make a batch at the beginning of the week and serve it for snacks or at meals times as a side dish. They are easy to make, easy to store and can travel well. For some more fun finger salad inspiration, try here, here or here.

Other great items you can toss in this finger salad –

  • Chopped green apples
  • Peeled and diced Avocados
  • A splash of fresh orange juice
  • Steamed chunks of Asparagus
  • Blueberries are always a good idea

Blackberry + Cucumber + Melon Toddler Finger Salad

1/2 cup melon (I used honeydew), chopped or balled
1/2 cucumber, roughly peeled and quartered
1/2 cup blackberries
1/2 teaspoon mint, finely chopped

1- In a medium bowl, place all of the ingredients and gently mix with spoon or hands.
2- Serve cold.

Yield: 1 1/2 cups
Storage: 3 days in fridge