I usually find that while trying to get somewhere/anywhere, my play date, pool party or just going to the park, I forget all of the essentials. Sippy cups, snacks, sunblock, diapers (I swear I just loaded up the diaper bag, oh man). I am that mom, the one who is always asking to borrow something. Doesn’t matter if it is from friends or strangers, I like everyone just the same.
When packing snacks, I usually bring a couple chunks of cheese, maybe some Cheerios or crackers and if the babe is really lucky a banana. Then when she devores all of the snacks I brought by the time we have drove down the alley she gives me a look as if to say ‘ok, that was lame but I ate it, so what else did you bring for me.’ Then I end up buying some packaged food or kids meal wherever we end up, leaving me to wonder what she just ate and worrying that she will probably now never get into college because I just gave her a bag of chips for lunch.

So I am going to get better at this snack thing. What?…Isn’t there a rule that you can only have one thing to work on at a time. I saw it somewhere, I promise.

This snack is designed for kids that are already feeding themselves. Everything is cut into bite size pieces so they can easily grab a piece and continue running around like a crazy animal with drool hanging from their chin and with some random red stain on their brand new shirt playing quietly with their friends.

This snack is packed with nutrition and flavor. Tomatoes = antioxidants to fend off DNA damage from free radicals. Peaches = tons of fiber. Avocado = naturally good fat. Chia seeds = healthy omega – 3 fats. All you do is chop, gently mix and you are ready to go. The best part is that it makes a ton, so you can share with the babes you have borrowed from and even have enough left over to have a little snack for yourself.

All that in one snack. Score!

Peach + Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes + Avocado + Chia Seeds

1 organic peach
1 organic avocado
1 handfull organic heirloom or regular cherry tomatoes
1 teaspoon chia seeds

Peel peach, cut in half and remove pit. Cut into bite size pieces. I like to cut each half into 4 or 5 sections, then cut those sections vertically in half and then cut horizontally into little bite size pieces. But I am sure you have a way better method on this, right.
Cut cherry tomatoes in half or quarters depending on size of tomato.
Cut avocado in half and remove pit. Hold one half of avocado in palm of hand and with a small not so sharp knife, cut a grid into avocado. Then scope out bite size chunks with spoon. Repeat with other half.
Toss all ingredients into bowl and add chia seeds. Carefully toss until incorporated, try to do this without so much blunt force that you break down the avocados. This makes a lot, so go ahead and eat a couple of spoonfuls. In fact, get out a bowl and place a big scoop of the mixture into it. Add some leftover salsa or a cut up pepper. Have some garlic, go ahead and add it. Smash avocados. Bust open some tortilla chips and enjoy your Baby FoodE guacamole. Just for you, my friend.
Will store for a couple days in fridge, add a splash of lemon or lime juice so avocados don’t discolor.