These Baby & Toddler Subscription Boxes are a fun and easy way to get toys, books and surprises sent right to your door! Each of the boxes below is curated to meet the needs of your baby’s and toddler’s developmental stage. These subscription boxes also make great Christmas, baby shower, or birthday gifts!

Baby & Toddler Subscription Boxes

Looking to save time while also having the latest and greatest toys and books for baby?

Then you will need one (if not all) of these subscription boxes!

Because all of these boxes will save you both time and money #score!

The subscription box scene has exploded over the last couple of years and while I have dabbled in subscription boxes for myself (hello 4 years worth of brightly colored nail polish), it wasn’t until I had my little ones that I realized how amazing subscription boxes could be.

Having experts curate boxes for your babe that include books, toys, games, and activities that are just right for their development stage is priceless. 

These subscription boxes have saved me a ton of time researching and shopping for toys and educational materials for my own baby, so now I have time to research the latest and greatest minivan, because you know.. mom life:)

Reasons to Love These Subscription Boxes

  • Delivered to your door and addressed to your child – who doesn’t love getting stuff in the mail?
  • Activities and items matched to your child’s developmental age
  • Saves time and money researching and shopping for toys individually
  • Helps your child dig deeper into topics they love, and provides opportunities to discover new interests
  • Exceptional quality and value of items all in one box
  • Provides screen-free alternatives to educational activities
  • Variety of options for subscription price and length of time, depending on your family’s needs

Baby & Toddler Subscription Boxes

While there are a ton of subscription boxes on the market, these are our all-time favorite boxes!

Kid holding up a colorful collage.


Kiwico’s boxes are designed to encourage curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills through hands-on projects. They have several different options of “crates” (boxes) for a variety of ages. Also, this subscription box is super affordable. You can get a 12-month subscription for just $17.50/month + free shipping!

🐼 Panda Crate: Play Crates for 0-2-Year-Olds 
Panda Crate was inspired by the vision of helping busy parents nurture their naturally curious and creative babies. Each crate is designed to help babies learn by doing what they do best – playing, exploring, and most importantly, interacting with loving adults in their lives.

🐨 Koala Crate: Play Crates for 2-4-Year-Olds
Koala Crate was created to expose preschoolers to new materials, tools, and concepts for hands-on learning and fun.

🥝 Kiwi Crate: Play Crates for 5-7-Year-Olds
Our STEAM-based projects are designed to spark a love for learning, We want to make it fun, easy, and delightful for families to spend time building, exploring and creating together.

Also, this subscription box is super affordable! They start at just $16.95 a month! 

One parent’s review:

Having to worry about how best to help your child develop is exhausting, as is keeping them entertained. The Panda box has that covered. Most helpful was the booklet and cards that gave several activities the included toys could be used for, they are not a single purpose.


Sign up and start exploring with your kiddo this month! 

Lovevery Subscription box - box open with baby toys inside.

Lovevery: Play and Learn at Every Stage (Ages 0-36 Months)

Award-winning play products that are specially designed for each of your child’s learning stages. The toys are made with sustainably forested wood, organic cotton, and baby-safe plastics to deliver the quality your child deserves. Wonder-inducing playthings, delivered by stage. Subscriptions start at $36 a month.

I literally gasped in delight when I opened this box – it was that breathtakingly beautiful! What’s inside – you get a ton of open-ended toys that your baby will play with for years. You also receive a small gift for you:) as well as a cute book filled with tons of ideas on different ways to play with the toys you received in your box.

What’s Inside:

  • 7-9 wonder-inducing playthings
  • wood or board book
  • play guide
  • a small gift for you ;)​


  • the toys in the boxes will grow with baby
  • each box is curated for your baby’s age
  • toys created to enhance the development stages

Subscriptions start at just $36 a month plus there is FREE delivery on orders over $75!

Even More Amazingness
Lovevery has even more amazing play toys that couldn’t be more on-brand!

Bookroo: An Award-Winning Book Club For Kids (Ages 0-10)

Join the Award-Winning Book Club for Kids! A monthly box delivered right to your kids’ imagination! Each month your child will get several “hidden gem” books that will help you fill your bookcases with newfound favorites. 

Why We Love Them:

  • Each book comes individually wrapped!
  • Save up to 50% over retail value!
  • Delivered monthly. Curated by experts!
  • Flexible Delivery Schedule
  • Cancel Anytime
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

One subscriber says:

“The most important part of any children’s book of the month club type program is GOOD BOOKS. And I think Bookroo does a phenomenal job choosing interesting titles.”


👶 Baby Book Club: Books for newborns & toddlers (ages 0-3 years)
The board book box comes with three sturdy board books, making it a good option for small fingers still learning how to handle books. Books typically have 8-14 pages. Each box includes an insert highlighting the books and offering exclusive details, like insights from authors and illustrators.

👧 Picture Book Club: Books for kids ages 3-6
The picture book box comes with two hardcover picture books. These books are perfect for reading aloud on a lap or for young readers just learning to read. Books typically have 32-40 pages. Each box includes an insert highlighting the books and offering exclusive details, like insights from authors and illustrators.

👦 Chapter Book Club: Books for kids ages 7-10
And the chapter book box is for advancing young readers ready for longer stories. Our chapter books typically have 120-280 pages. Each box includes an insert highlighting the books and providing parents a guide to inform them about the books and generate discussion.

How it Works:

  1. Pick a Book Club. They offer book clubs for kids ages 0-10.
  2. Receive Monthly Book Deliveries. Our delightful book deliveries make books and reading exciting for your child.
  3. Spend More Time Reading. Fresh reading material + more free time for reading = best decision ever!

Subscriptions start at just $17 a month, which is up to 50% off of list price!

Little Feminist:  Raising Conscious Readers with Diverse Books

Imagine how much better this world could be if we encouraged empathy, diversity, and inclusion from even our youngest readers? This amazing book subscription helps build your itty-bitty’s bookshelf right from the start, by including books that feature female characters and persons of color. These are truly unique books you won’t find anywhere – Little Feminist’s team reads through hundreds to find only the best!

Each monthly box includes:

  • 2 board books or 1 picture book
  • A hands-on activity to promote play with your newborn or toddler 
  • Discussion card with tips for reading to your newborn or discussion questions for your toddler
  • A family letter explaining why and how the books were chosen
  • Four different subscriptions lengths, with the best value at $18.95/month (+$2.95 shipping) for 12 months

The founder, Brittany Murlas, is modeling what adult feminists should do more of: Fight for the inclusion of everyone, not just women. My kids get a mix of stories about different cultures, different ethnicities, and different religions.

Chairman Mom

Start diversifying your bookshelf this month!

Yumi:  Fresh, Whole Organic Foods for Your Baby (Ages 6-18 Months)

An organic food subscription box for babies and toddlers developed by nutrition and pediatric experts. In addition, these carefully planned meals have no added sugars or preservatives, are gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of the top 9 allergens. Yumi also offers Biteamins (vitamins) gummies for toddlers, kids, and adults. 

What you’ll love about this subscription:

  • Introduces your baby to 3-4 new flavors each week. Over the course of your milestone plan, your little one will be exposed to over 100+ different ingredients!
  • Plans progress through a variety of stages, from single ingredient purees, all the way to soft finger foods for toddlers
  • You can use this service whether you choose baby-led weaning or traditional weaning
  • Choose the number of meals you want based on your baby’s age 
  • Pricing starts at $3.75 to $4.30 per meal, depending on the amount of meals you want to receive each day
  • Option to adjust your subscription plan as your baby grows

One parent says:

As a busy working mom Yumi has been such a lifesaver! I feel good about what my babe is eating, it’s conveniently packaged for on the go and he’s getting really adventurous! Customer service has always been exceptional, and I love how easy it is to pick what goes in the box. I wish I’d known about Yumi for my older son.


New Customer Offer – 50% Off Your First Order with code: YUMIBABY50

Ecocentric Mom: Organic and Eco-Friendly Goodies for Moms and Baby (ages 0-2)

A subscription box that is full of curated monthly deliveries of organicnatural, and eco-lifestyle products including beauty, bath, pregnancy, baby, home and snack – all thoughtfully chosen for you (and your little one) based on your due date or child’s birth date up through age four. Each box is guaranteed to contain 4-6 products and a minimum of $50 in retail value.

What I LOVE About this Subscription Box: This box keeps getting better and better! I love that this subscription box starts with deliveries for pregnant moms in all trimesters of pregnancy and goes all the way up until your little one is 4 years old – truly a box that grows with your baby. PLUS, you get fun new items as well as your baby – it’s a win-win!

What you get:

Ecocentric Mom subscription boxes come busting with new and exciting organic, natural and Eco-friendly products each month. You’ll receive 2-3 items for pregnancy or baby and 2-3 items for pampering or to use around the house. 

  • Food + Snack
  • Beauty
  • Baby Care
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Toys
  • Household


Little Spoons:  Custom Meal Plans for Your Little One

Want a subscription box that will grow with your baby? How about a variety of fresh, organic options to choose from? Little Spoon gives your baby healthy and tasty food, using high-quality and non-GMO ingredients. Just pick your plan, choose from the menu, and get ready for delicious food delivered to your door.

Check out these plans:

  • The Baby Stage:  includes fresh made, cold-pressed purees. Choose the number of purees you’d like each week. Over 100+ ingredients used throughout purees for a variety of flavors. Starts at $2.74 per puree. 
  • Toddler + Big Kids Meals:  made for early finger feeders up to  big kids. Ready to heat and eat meals. Each meal is made with veggies, antibiotic free protein sources, and preservative free. Choose from 4-12 meals/week. Prices range from $4.99 to $6.49 per meal.
  • Smoothies:  great addition to the baby or toddler meal plan, or on its own. Cold-pressed, organic smoothies for on-the-go. Made with veggies and superfoods. Choose from 5-18 smoothies/week. Starts at $2.49 per smoothie. 

What parents are saying:

We love the idea of our son trying new foods and flavor profiles, Little Spoon allows him to do so in an extremely convenient fashion. He’s never been as excited for meal time as he is now!

Small kid working on a craft project from a subscription box.

Green Kid Crafts: Inspiring creative leaders (ages 2-10)

Custom curriculum for your preschooler using best practices learned from years of teaching and optimized for fun! Each monthly subscription has an array of hands-on activities, crafts, and worksheets with concepts that are conveniently broken up for you over a four-week period. The activities let your kiddo work at their own pace and are designed for you to be able to use and work on as your child masters them.

What I LOVE About this Subscription Box: while this is geared towards older toddlers, it is filled with easy and fun learning activities that your growing child will absolutely love!

What’s Inside:

  • 4-6 educator-designed STEAM projects
  • award-winning hands-on activities loved by families
  • 12-page magazine supports learning and connection
  • now with extra learning opportunities in your inbox

THE best gift ever! Our daughter is so excited to open her new box every month! Each box has 4 to 5 different projects and, honestly, really cool ones. Our daughter has made a complete model solar system, working model lungs and a wooden model airplane from these kits! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!


Grab your monthly learning box for your little one today!

My Messy Box:  Sensory Play Kits and Accessories (ages 1-6+)

Engage your little one’s senses with brightly colored and textured sensory kits. These fun and educational boxes come in a variety of themes. You choose from 4 different age categories based on the age of your little one.

Why we love these boxes:

  • Each box contains 3-4 activities (sensory, crafts, and more!)
  • Developmentally appropriate play activities in each box
  • Highly customized boxes put together by team of educators
  • Instructional videos are included with most kids, or follow printed instructions
  • Items for younger toddler are designed to be relatively larger in size (but still requires supervision when using boxes due to age)
  • Starting at $35.24/month

Get playing and get “messy” this month!

Yumble:  Less mealtime stress = more fun with family (ages 12 months to 6+)

Delicious and healthy meals made for busy families. Yumble uses carefully sourced fruits and veggies to help create perfectly balanced lunches, dinners, and snacks. Meals are created with kids tastes and nutritional needs in mind. 

What you’ll love about Yumble:

  • Customize the box according to your needs (they even have one for picky eaters).
  • Delivered weekly to your doorstep in a sustainable box.
  • Each box includes family activities like sticker sheets and a deck of table topics.
  • Flexible subscriptions that you can pause, skip or cancel at anytime. You can even add extra meals when life gets super busy.
  • Meals are fully cooked and ready to heat.
  • Choose the number of meals you want each week, with pricing from $5.99-$9.99/meal (and free shipping!)

What parents are saying:

My son absolutely has loved all the meals and I feel good knowing he is not eating frozen food!! It’s so great for working busy mom of 2 with a new baby! Thank you!

Young girl laying on the floor with a subscription box.

Preschool Box: FUN LEARNING FOR YOUNG MINDS (Ages 3-6)

Monthly preschool activities that encourage learning, reading and creativity in children ages 3-6!

What’s inside:

  • 16+ activities in every box
  • every box includes a fun book
  • learning designed to be fun
  • ready-to-go craft materials to save you time
  • hands on activities for the tactile learner
  • engaging materials for the diverse learner

Each box comes with easy parent instructions & detailed learning objectives, such as…

  • letter and sound recognition
  • counting and number recognition
  • sorting shapes and colors
  • identifying sounds in words
  • writing practice

Monthly boxes start at only $33!