These 125 Amazing At-Home Activities are perfect for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Young Kids! This is my go-to list when we need to entertain the kiddos indoors. Hours of easy (and cheap) activities for Outside Activities, Indoor Activities, Playtime, Bath Time Fun, Craft Time and Tech Fun! Great for ages 2-9 years old.

Graphic for Post - 125 At Home activities ages 2-9 years old - plus free printable - toddler - preschooler - kids with images of kids involved in a ton of fun activities.

Activities for Toddlers, Preschoolers + Kids at Home

This is a master list of amazing activities for your toddler, preschooler and young kids around the house. Great when you have a snow day, don’t want to leave your yard or you know.. are quarantined to your home for weeks on end 🤪.

Most of these activities can be done with basic materials from around the house, nature items your kids can gather from around the yard or with a few items you can find on amazon prime.

These activities are great for 2-9+ year-olds!

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A free printable of 125 amazing at home activities for toddler, preschooler and kids.

Favorite Subscription Boxes

And because sometimes you just need someone else to come up with the activities 😉 – here are some of our favorite subscription boxes for toddlers, preschoolers and kids:

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  • Green Kid Crafts – Hands-on science and art kits delivered each month for ages 2-10+.
  • FoodStirs – Satisfy your sweet tooth in fresh and fun ways. Great way to get in the kitchen with your kids in a stress-free way! Get 15% off your first order!
  • Lovery – Perfect play essentials designed by experts (they are SO pretty) for babies and toddlers.
  • Brick Loot – The Ultimate Subscription Box for LEGO and Brick Fanatics.
  • The Preschool Box – Monthly preschool activities that encourage learning, reading and creativity in children ages 3-6!

What did I miss? Comment below 👇 on what your favorite at-home activities are with your kiddos!

Outside Activities

  1. Ice Block Treasure Hunt – freeze some toys in a plastic bin, dump the block of ice onto the sidewalk or grass and have the kids figure out how to get their toys back.
  2. Hunt for worms.
  3. Start a garden. Love this flower or herb kit.
  4. Outdoor scavenger hunt – this card game is fun.
  5. Blow bubbles.
  6. Paint Rocks – paint hearts or inspirational messages on some found rocks and leave them on your neighbor’s doorstep.
  7. Make a terrarium – collect outdoor plants, place in a jar with some dirt and make an indoor terrarium.
  8. Jump in puddles.
  9. Create an outdoor obstacle course.
  10. Make Garden Potions – collect and add flowers, leaves, grass, mud, etc to a jar add a spell and shake.
  11. Go on a bug hunt.
  12. Watch butterflies grow.
  13. Collect sticks and turn them into paintbrushes.
  14. Go for a bike/scooter/stroller ride.
  15. Have a skipping contest.
  16. Be a Cartographer – go on a walk, take pictures of your neighborhood and make a map.
  17. Press Flowers and Plants – collect flowers, leaves and branches and put them between a thick book to press them. Can use pressed and dried flowers to make cards later on.
  18. Jump rope.
  19. Climb a tree.
  20. Learn how to do a cartwheel or somersault.
  21. Shadow Drawings – draw the shadows of trees, plants, each other.
  22. Play nature bingo.
  23. Make a sundial.
  24. Play Red Light, Green Light.
  25. Build a geoboard out of old wood, nails and rubber bands.
  26. Balance Beam – put a piece of wood in the grass or use a curb and let them practice their balance beam routine.
  27. Go camping in the backyard – pitch a tent and go camping for the day or overnight.
  28. Play Nature Tic-Tac-Toe with sticks, rocks and pinecones.
  29. Make a mud kitchen with old pots, pans, bowls and spoons.
  30. Make a mud pie.
  31. Jump rope.
  32. Wash bikes, toys or outside equipment.
  33. Make nature prints in air-dry clay.
  34. Give them a hose to “clean” the patio, bikes, toys, etc.
  35. Play Duck Duck Goose.
  36. Hula Hoop.
  37. Play catch.

Sidewalk Chalk Fun

  1. Create the ultimate Hop-Scotch.
  2. Kid Trace – trace your kids on the sidewalk or driveway and let them color themselves in.
  3. Counting – have them write 1-20, skip-count prime numbers (or whatever math level your kids are at) on the sidewalk.
  4. Number Or Letter Hunt – write numbers or letters all around your yard and then have the kids run to them as you yell them out. Great activity for you to sit (glass of wine in hand is optional) and have them run around.
  5. Play Follow the Line – create a wiggly line and have your kids follow it, the longer the better.
  6. Make a Bike or Scooter Course.
  7. Mix up a batch of DIY sidewalk paint.
  8. Make a Bean Bag Toss Game with sidewalk chalk.
  9. Create chalk ice.
2 kids and a dog doing yoga.

Indoor Activities

  1. Follow the leader.
  2. Pillow Lava – put pillows on the floor and play Lava.
  3. Indoor recess – GoNoodle is like having an indoor recess, which helps to get the wiggles out.
  4. Create an indoor obstacle course.
  5. Have a dance party.
  6. Hide-and-Go-Seek.
  7. Play Simon Says.
  8. Indoor Camping – put up a tent and go camping in the living room.
  9. Have a pillow fight.
  10. Do some Yoga – Cosmic Yoga is part yoga and part storytime and is beyond amazing for kids ages 2-9.
  11. Start a band – bring out those musical instruments (or use pots and pans) and play some music together.
  12. Make a hallway Ninja Maze with streamers and tape.
  13. Don’t let the Balloon Drop – blow up a balloon and don’t let it touch the floor.
  14. Have a pillowcase sack race.
  15. Car Race – make a race track out of painters tape.
  16. Have a picnic lunch in your living room.
  17. Learn hand-clapping games – patty cake, down by the banks, etc.
  18. Play musical chairs.
  19. Face paint.
  20. Make a time capsule and bury it in the yard.
  21. Play Minute to Win It.
  22. Have a paper airplane flying contest.
  23. Play Hot Potato.


  1. Play Vet – create a Vets office with stuffed animals and a kid’s doctor kit.
  2. Write and send letters to friends and loved ones by mail (or email).
  3. Set up a Zoom group and do the 30-Days Lego Challenge.
  4. Set up a Free Kids Library or Craft Bin on your front porch.
  5. Play with Legos.
  6. Marble Run – with a kit or with paper tubes taped to the wall.
  7. Journal – start a journal and give them 1 writing prompt a day.
  8. Surprise Dress-Up – put all of their costumes in a pile, blindfold them and have them pick outfits they wouldn’t normally pick – think superhero-princess-dinosaur.
  9. Build with Magna-tiles. Add in cars, plastic animals or dinosaurs, Minecraft figures, these bugs, real bugs, marbles, shopkins, small unicorns, and even lego people for even more fun.
  10. Play with their play kitchen.
  11. Dress up and have a tea party. For more fun, make a few simple recipes first to serve with juice at the tea party.
  12. Cook or bake a new recipe together. My girls love this monthly baking box.
  13. Have an indoor scavenger hunt.
  14. Build a fort and watch a movie.
  15. Shadow Puppets – grab a flashlight and tell your favorite story using your hands as shadow puppets.
  16. Doll House Move – pretend your dolls and dollhouse moved. Relocate your dollhouse to a new spot in your house and pack up all the furniture in old tissue paper or newspaper and have your kids unpack it all and redecorate their dollhouse.
  17. Have a family game or a puzzle night.
  18. Make a batch of homemade hot chocolate or lemonade (depending on the season).
  19. Build a sensory bin. This site has tons of amazing ways to use one.
  20. Grab a science kit – this, this and this were hits with my kids.
  21. Trace or draw items from around the house and measure them with a ruler or tape measure.
  22. Nailed It – pretend you are on your favorite baking show.

Bath Time Fun

  1. toss in some blown-up balloons
  2. add in legos (Duplos are great)
  3. eat a cold popsicle in a bath
  4. paint the bathtub walls and then take a bath
  5. house party – crack open some glow sticks (turn up the techno house music;) and turn out the lights (or turn them down low)
  6. add in pompoms, measuring cups and a plastic bowl
  7. animal house – add in any plastic animals you can find around the house
  8. what’s for dinner – add in all the plastic play food you have in the house and tell them to cook you dinner
  9. egg surprise – full all of those plastic easter eggs up with small toys from around the house (you can also keep them empty)
  10. pool time – grab their goggles and some small pool toys and pretend it’s summertime at the pool (this one tends to get a bit messy)

Craft Time

  1. Make homemade floam, slime or playdoh.
  2. Be a Superhero – take extra fabric or old sheets and make superhero capes, masks and costumes. Let them draw on them or decorate with extra stickers or cut-out fabric.
  3. Learn to sew with old fabric and yarn
  4. Get a monthly craft kit shipped to you – Green Kid Crafts and KiwiCo boxes are our favs!
  5. Create and Sew New Stuffies – cut open old stuffed animals (with kids’ permission of course) and then build new stuffed animals out of their body parts. It sounds gruesome but my kids loved this activity.
  6. Build a spaceship, pirate ship, control center, castle, fort, airplane, etc out of cardboard boxes. Have kids draw all the parts and details.
  7. Make puppets out of old socks and put on a puppet show.
  8. Draw Portraits – have your kids draw their own self-portraits and then have them draw each other (or you).
  9. Paint and cut out coffee filters – can cut into snowflakes, hearts, pumpkins, flowers, etc.
  10. Finger Paint.
  11. Make stamps out of apples or potatoes and paint with them.
  12. Make a Music Shaker – put seeds, popcorn or beans into a plastic bottle and decorate.
  13. Play with pipe cleaners.
  14. Read and Craft – pick a picture book and look on Pinterest for a craft that goes with that book. Almost every popular picture book have easy crafts you can do with them. This, this and this are fun.
  15. Bead necklaces or bracelets with beads, thread, pipe cleaners or ribbon.
  16. Coloring Sheets – print out coloring sheets and color.
  17. Make a Collage – make a mixed-media collage out of paint, markers, magazine cut-outs, found objects, etc.
  18. Reinvent Old Board Games – take all the board games and puzzles that are missing pieces or you never play anymore, dump them on the floor and have your kids make up their own games.
  19. Make your own Sporky – inspired by Toy Story 4, grab some plastic utensils, googly eyes and pipe cleaners and have your kids build their new best friend.
  20. Make friendship buttons.
  21. Upcycle Robots – collect toilet and paper towel rolls, plastic bottle caps and any other recycling and have your kids create their own robots out of them. Hot glue works best for assembling the robots, so some adult supervision is required.
  22. Make a Fairy or Dinosaur Garden out of found objects.
  23. Create an easy bird feeder.
  24. Get these amazing kits delivered to your door! Great for toddlers, preschoolers and kids.
  25. Make a bookmarker.
  26. Make friendship bracelets.
  27. Tie-Dye Tee-Shirts.

Tech Fun

  1. Facetime friends or loved ones.
  2. Watch videos from when they were babies.
  3. Have them take pictures of their favorite things with your phone or ipad and then turn the photos into a video (using easy Iphoto album settings, which means there is no editing).
  4. Learn to Code – subscribe to Bitzbox for easy and fun lessons (5+ years).
  5. Make a Movie or Music Video – have your kids make up a dance or play and record their performance.
  6. Virtual Story Time – Vooks is a fun way to listen to storytime with pictures books that are brought to life.
  7. Listen to Podcasts. These are a few of our favorites: Story Pirates, Brains On, Stories Podcast, Tumble and Circle Round
  8. Learn who invented pizza and other cool facts by watching short and educational Mystery Videos.
  9. Go on a virtual tour of a museum

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