These 10 Eco-Friendly Feeding Essentials for Baby are as easy on the earth as they are on the eyes 😍! These baby feeding products are the best on the market and are eco-friendly, non-toxic, mostly plastic-free, sustainable and help create zero waste.

Before kids, I went zero waste for an entire year! I lived in Oakland and it was just part of that crunchy Northern California lifestyle. It was a hard challenge, but it taught me a lot – how to live without buying ‘things’ all time, that paper towels are completely overrated and that you can bring reusable containers anywhere and use them for anything.

Then my first born came along, and I was so overwhelmed with everything that I needed. Babies just seem to need SO much stuff! And most of it is made of plastic – BPA-Free plastic, but plastic nonetheless.

I spent the last 6 years figuring out what products you actually need in order to feed baby. I then spent countless hours researching all the products on the market, before narrowing them down to my favorites before purchasing them and having my own kiddos test them out. If an eco-friendly product can stand the test of my two kids – then I know we had a winner!

Below, you will find 10 of my favorite Eco-Friendly Feeding Essentials for Baby!

The good news – is that over the years the brands have improved their designs, accessibility and performance greatly. And while you are still buying products, the products you are purchasing are non-toxic, (mostly) plastic free, sustainable, help create zero waste and they will last you for years and years! Plus they are all so crush-worthy 😍!

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chairthis classic highchair has a minimalist design, is made out of all wood and it will grow with your child over the years (made for babies – 10 years of age!). Made with European beech wood, water-based non-toxic paint and is free from harmful substances, bisphenol and phthalates. This chair isn’t cheap but you will use this amazing looking chair for years to come.

Avanchy Baby Feeding Spoonsthese bright and cheerful spoons are great for baby’s first bite. They are made with a bamboo handle and a smooth silicone spoon that is soft on baby’s gums. The silicon is made with high quality BFA-free, melamine-free, lead-free and NO biologically harmful chemical materials. Avanchy also makes bowls, plates and a stainless steel collection that are equally as cute and eco-friendly.

Bobo&Boo Bamboo Bowls – these colorful bowls are made with sustainable bamboo, BPA-free, PVC-free, non-toxic, and made without phthalates, lead, cadmium, and mercury but most importantly these bowls are shatterproof , dishwasher-friendly , high-quality and durable. Plus Bobo&Boo is founded by a mom on a mission to get rid of tacky kids dinnerware, a mission I can stand 100% behind!

ezpz Mini Mat this happy and colorful silicon baby mat is the perfect size for baby when they start feeding themselves, plus it sticks to the table so no more sticky messes everywhere!

Simka Rose Silicone Bibthese Instagram worthy bibs are some of my favorites because they are made with soft silicone that has a wide brim to catch food and they are super easy to clean. While some people love cloth bibs, I have found that I went through a ton of them because they kept getting stained and ruined, these silicone bibs are the only bibs you will ever need to buy. They are also BPA, PVC, lead, latex, mercury and phthalate free.

Reusable Food Pouchesthese super cool and hip food pouches are a great way to store and serve baby purees on-the-go! Store-bought pouches are tough to recycle (terracycle is the only place that will recycle them) so having a stash of these reusable pouches for baby is key to being eco-friendly while still being practical about feeding baby.

Lifefactory 4 Bottle Starter Set these Lifefactory bottles a made entirely out of glass and silicone and they have no plastic in them – hooray! You can also use them as a baby bottle, to pump breast milk into and they also transition into a toddler sippy cup – so they will last for years. Plus, Lifefactory also makes wine glasses, so you and baby can match 😍. Another great option is the Kleen Kanteen Stainless Steel Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup.

WeeSprout Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray I love these baby food freezer trays because they are perfectly portioned into 10 – 1.5 oz portions and is made from FDA approved food-grade silicon that is free from BPA, PVC, lead, Phthalate, and other toxins. The lid itself is great to have but is made from BPA-free plastic, but it doesn’t touch baby’s food.

Wean Green Glass Baby Storage Containersthese glass containers are great to use for storing a stash of baby purees in the fridge. Or because they are leak-proof, they are also great for filling with your favorite purees before gently tossing into your diaper bag for a baby meal on-the-go.

Squeasy Snacker Reusable Baby Food Pouch – if you love the idea of using a reusable food pouch for baby food but don’t like the plastic in the standard version – then this silicone reusable pouch is a great option. The base is made out of silicone while the cap is made with food grade non-toxic materials, BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate free. We have had a set of these for 3 years and my girls still love using them for yogurts and applesauces.