Brace yourselves, it’s starting to become berry season. I, for one, cannot contain my excitement! I just gorged my family and myself on strawberry popsicles, strawberry jam, strawberry coconut ice cream and freshly cut strawberries at every meal. They live the sweet life.

Blueberries are up next and I am collecting recipes in anticipation.

Here are a few blueberry recipes for all ages.

What are you going to make?

Roasted Blueberry + Cinnamon + Himalayan Salt (6+ Months)


Blueberry Pie Smoothie (9+ Months)


Blueberry + Lemon Toddler Muffins (1+ year)

What I ❤️😍 this week!

  • I am just starting to make my summer reading list, this and this are definitely on it. What books are on your list? 📚
  • Speaking of books, I don’t read a ton of parenting books, but this book is a must-read for any parent that wants to get their child outside to play and explore more on their own. I wouldn’t say I am a free-range parent (we live in the city) but I try to build independence and self awareness into my girls wherever I can. Spoiler alert – letting kids play by themselves is a good thing!
  • I am loving high-waisted leggings (helps tuck in that tummy I still have from being pregnant, 4 years ago) and I just went on a shopping spree and got these and these leggings, best💰 I have ever spent. I will now be wearing them all summer

What’s Happening in My World

  • We had a Dinosaur Hunt last week at one of our favorite streams. I brought a bunch of little dinosaurs and then placed them around the stream for the girls to find. They had a blast with this quick activity and it turned into hours of self-play for them. 
  • Watching an outdoor movie at night was on our summer bucket list #summervibes
  • It’s already a hot summer, so we are enjoying the splash pad or pool almost every day
  • Getting Elliette to stand still for pictures is almost impossible. That girl is always moving. 

Hope you have a good weekend!