How easy is this ratio chart! Well apparently hard enough were I have to look it up every time I do the math. So now I have it locked into my brain and I can move on to more important ratios – like the ratio of halloween candy vs the amount of meltdowns we have had today, or the ratio of stickers on my sofa vs the amount of stickers on my child or the best of all, the ratio of cheddar bunnies to raisins for the perfect toddler travel snack? My world is exciting, don’t be jealous.

But the real question that always come up – which one is better, fresh or dried herbs for my baby food? Does it actually even matter?

The truth is, it does.

But the one that is best changes. So you have to think about it for a minute.

I know, I am sorry. You thought I would just give you all the answers!

Here is all you have to think about – is the herb you want to add to your baby food in season and fresh? Or did it take you forever to find it at the grocery store because they only had one bunch left and it is soggy and limp and looking at you with pity eyes? We don’t want pity herb eyes to plead with us to take it home and use it. In this case, dried would be better. And when I am talking about using dried herbs, I am not talking about using herbs that are in a bottle waaayyyyyy in the back of your spice rack with at least a half an inch of dust and some mysterious sticky substance on the lid. In this case, nothing would be the right answer. 

You want the best!

[in a particular order]
Fresh Herbs if they are fresh
Dried Herbs if they are good 
Then nothing if you can’t find the best

Don’t settle for just ok. 

When using dried herbs, I get all my stash from here. They are a local company and I just love the fact that you get to try the spices and herbs before you buy them. Nothing gets me more excited then mindlessly walking around a store and getting to gorge myself on spices [never said I was normal].