Now that my little baby Parker is eating up a storm, it’s time for me to dedicate a couple hours this month making some delicious meals for her to eat that are actually meals, not just single purees that I mash together at the last second (check out what she has been eating here). Don’t get me wrong, single purees are awesome but when baby starts to eat more then 3 ounces at a meal and 3 times a day, you have to put a little thought behind what you are making and feeding baby in order to ensure that she is getting enough protein, fiber and iron, and by a little thought I mean you make all of these recipes, follow the meal plan and then your thoughts can go into sometime more productive like thinking about working out in order to fit into this cute new dress.

This months meal plan is great for babies 6+ months. If your baby is older and eating some solid foods alongside purees, no problem, serve any of these purees with a side of steamed vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes and red peppers are my favorite), cooked chunks of meat or some ripe banana, pear or blueberries.

March is a transition month and while it will technically be spring this month (fiiiiiiinaalllllly!!!), the produce (and weather) in my part of the country is still screaming winter. This meal plan takes this into account and if you can’t find an item that is fresh, try the frozen food aisle. I love frozen foods as a source for making high quality baby food! I find a lot of the time, you can find organic frozen food that cost just a little more then conventional frozen foods.

With a mix of fruits, vegetables (2 that are green!!), meat and ancient grains, this meal plan will cover all of the building blocks your baby needs in order to grow big and strong.

While on my shopping list I only list 1 serving of each of these recipes, I would recommend at least doubling these recipes so you can always have plenty of frozen baby food on hand.

Apple & Pear with Cinnamon – This is one of my favorite purees! You can serve it with oatmeal, yogurt, quinoa, coconut milk or as is. The options are endless! I like to make my puree with water, breast milk or formula.

Asparagus and Chive Puree – Love their suggestion to serve this with ricotta cheese. You could also swirl in a little olive or coconut oil for some added healthy fats and to boost the taste.

Baby Beef Stew – Beef is a great way to give baby extra iron without having to use processed baby cereals, plus baby’s tend to love the rich flavor of a pureed beef stew. For an elevated flavor, add a little pinch of thyme for your little foodie.

Kale and Sweet Potato Mash – A super puree full of fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C that will be sweet enough for baby to love and chock full of so many nutrients it deserves a gold star. Since it’s still cold season in my neck of the woods I would steam and then puree this recipe with 1/2 garlic clove to stimulate baby’s immune system.

Roasted Blueberry + Himalayan Salt Puree – This puree will leave both you and baby wanting more (I like to eat this puree over vanilla bean ice-cream)!! While table salt is bad for baby, a pinch of unrefined himalayan sea salt is good for baby.

Cherry Banana Quinoa – Served warm, this chunky puree would be good for a momma breakfast as well! Recipe will be great with frozen cherries.

Download Meal Plan and Shopping List HERE!