Pictured above:

  • just Parker stealing my phone for her daily photoshoot
  • when they start dressing themselves in head-to-toe pink 😍 and you wish you could do the same with your wardrobe
  • during the blizzard I tossed some balloons into their bath and their minds.where.blown 🎈
  • we went to a kid-friendly opera and Elliette got her picture in the paper. I don’t actually get the physical paper, but my mom does and she gave it to me. Proud momma over here!


March seemed like the looooooongest month to me. We got hit with a blizzard that pretty much shut down the city for two days which meant the girls had 2 days off of school right before Elliette’s spring break started. And because life can never be easy when kids are involved – Parker and Elliette’s spring breaks were on different weeks! So I have had a total of like 6 days of work this month. I’m not entirely complaining because I love being able to work on this blog and stay home with the girls, but I have some major projects I want to wrap up and show you guys.

I have also been really digging into a my hippy roots (when my mom was younger she built an entire house without power tools on an island in Canada. Go mom!) and I started ramping up my yoga practice again as well as exploring reiki and sound baths.

I am not even sure how to explain what a sound bath is but it’s pretty much an hour long deep mediation (or nap) with crazy drums and music playing all around you. I could literally feel all of the tension from staying home with the kiddos for two weeks during spring break (and possibly 6 years worth of parenting) melt away from me.

It was, dare I say, life changing.

I couldn’t recommend the place I go anymore, so if you are in the Denver area, hit me for the recommendation. If you are not in Denver, then I would find somewhere near you that does it. If nothing else, its an hour long nap without kids!


  • Seeing all-white sneakers everywhere lately and I’m not sure I can pull them off. Are you into this trend? Or is it a hard NO for you? I need help! I have this and this pair saved in my nordstrom cart..
  • Maybe I need to do a post featuring the best organic skincare for women after child birth (hello there fine lines! I can’t really blame my girls for my wrinkles but I still want to;). This double sided jade roller is amaze-balls! Literally the best DIY facial massage I have ever had. I have seen results by using this for only a week, plus it just feels so good on your skin.
  • I’m plowing through this book and I definitely never want it to end.
  • We were at the zoo the other day, and there was the cutest new mom with a teeny-tiny baby wearing this amazing diaper backpack, so of course I stalked her so I could find out what brand it was and where she got it. Totally normal thing to do, right?!?
  • I just binged the Netflix show the OA until 1am and am now paying the price. But it was SOOOOO worth it!


  • It’s spa time – the girls have been loving getting their nails painted. We are all loving the bright colors of this Piggy Paint set.
  • We just can’t get enough of this sweet book!
  • How cute would these wooden egg shakers be in baby’s Easter basket?
  • I just got the girls summer sandals from native shoes, and they love them so much they are wearing them with socks to school today. Only kids can totally get away with the sock/sandal combo😂. Parker got pink glitter and Ellie got grasshopper.

How are you doing? What’s on your mind lately? Be sure to keep in touch.


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