The other day I pulled out my daily menu plans that I had used for my little one and thought that it would be a great thing to share with you. Back then I was working full time so I struggled to keep track of what she had eaten at daycare the day before and what I needed to pack for her the following day so she was getting all the nutrients she needed.

So I did what every normal person would do, I made a spread sheet of all the food she would have for the week. Does that make me sound crazy? Huph.

I would come up with each plan the weekend before, usually after her bedtime while enjoying a nice glass of wine. I would see what I had in the freezer and fridge that was already prepared, make a list of other items I needed to make or pick up at the store and create a balanced plan.

Spending 20 minutes one time a week made feeding my little one super easy to get all there food ready before 7 in the morning, all while knowing I was giving her a nutritious, balanced diet. So I used it like my baby food bible.

Each cube refers to 1 ounce of food. I would make almost all of my food ahead of time and then defrost when needed. You can find the recipes Here, Here, Here and Here.