Snacks. Oh Snacks! The one food item that I think ALL parents get tired of scrummaging around in their cabinets for. Even at my house, I do the dreaded dance around the house trying to pack healthy yet fun snacks minutes before we leave for an outing. Hard as I try not to feed my little one any packaged food, I love how convenient it is to just toss something in the diaper purse and go. The problem is that once you start with the cheddar bunnies or fruit chews it’s hard to get your kiddo to crave anything else. Not anymore! I found you 5 great snack additions for on-the-go snacking that are both tasty and easy to store.

Healthy but Fun!

Easy but Fancy!

Addicting but Awesome!

Pack these snacks additions with some chopped fruit or veggies for an extra nutritional punch.

Best Butter-Free Popcorn (with nutritional yeast) – I know, popcorn with nutritional yeast just sounds weird! Yeast? On popcorn!?! But trust me on this one, this recipe is a healthy snack that is packed with loads of flavor. Nutritional yeast may sound weird but it has this cheesy, salty yet earthy flavor to it. Pop and store in one of those huge ziplock bags for up to a week.

Healthier Than Rice Krispie Treats – Everyone loves Rice Krispy treats – they are tasty, simple and easy to make. But I don’t love how much refined sugar is in them, a whole bag of marshmallows, yikes!!! These Rice Krispie Balls are made with NO processed sugar, peanut butter (almond butter would also work) and brown rice cereal for a healthier version of the classic. They are also made into little balls which are easier for the little hands to hold. You could add in raisins, craisins or mini chocolate chips for an extra special treat.

Cheddar Coins – A great option instead of those cheddar bunnies. Easy to make and even easier to eat. These coins are a perfect toddler snack.

Whole Wheat Carrot Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins – This recipe had me at carrots and chocolate chips. The whole wheat was just a bonus. Because these muffins are moist and have just a touch of sugar, your little ones will never be able to tell that they are actually loaded with a ton of healthy ingredients. Make a double batch and freeze half for those times you need something healthy to serve in a pinch.

Rosemary Roasted Cashews – This may seem like a fancy party appetizer (and to be honest, I make these more for myself then for the little one) but cashews are always a huge hit in our house. I love serving them to toddlers because they are softer and easier for the little ones to chew, so mommy doesn’t have to worry quite so much about nuts being a choking hazard. Baked with a little rosemary and a sprinkle of brown sugar for a little something-something added to your weekday snack.