While it’s easy to remember to buy things for the new baby in your life, you don’t want to forget about the new parents! Caring for little ones is hard work, which is why I’ve rounded up the best gifts for new parents. 

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From heated coffee mugs to luxurious foot spas, my gift guide is full of the best gifts for new parents and has a little something for everyone. Each of these thoughtful and useful gifts for new parents has been carefully vetted by the Baby FoodE team and is backed by thousands of happy reviews.

Here are 15 of my top picks for new parent presents that they’re sure to love (and use) all year round. 

1. For the One Who Loves Hot Coffee: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Best gifts for new parents: Ember mug
Credit: Target

The Ember Mug 2 is one of the most useful gifts for new parents who brew a well-intentioned cup of coffee every morning but never get around to drinking it until hours later. I wish this coffee mug was around when my kids were younger! The Ember mug keeps liquids like coffee or tea warm for up to 90 minutes when left on the included smart charging coaster. The best part is they can use the Ember app to set their preferred temperature, keeping their coffee warm even when they’re nap-trapped in the rocking chair. 

2. For the one who needs to tune it out: Apple AirPods Pro

Best gifts for new parents: AirPods
Credit: Amazon

If you’re looking for the most useful gifts for new parents, consider gifting them a pair of Apple AirPods (2nd Gen). These wireless earbuds are great for days when the baby won’t stop crying thanks to the noise-canceling feature that helps reduce sounds without completely blocking them out. The earbuds are also dust-, sweat- and water-resistant—perfect for tossing in the diaper bag!

3. For the One Who Loves the Spa: HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa

Best gifts for new parents: Homedics Foot Spa
Credit: Amazon

One of the best gifts for new parents is one they can use to take care of themselves, so why not treat them to a little TLC with the HoMedics Foot Spa? After all day on their feet making bottles and burping babies, they will enjoy soaking their feet in this highly-rated foot spa that features massage water jets and heat. The design is splash-proof, so they can move it around the house as needed—a must when you’re a new parent!

4. For the One Who Can’t Stop Taking Pictures: Kodak Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Color Printer

Best gifts for new parents: Kodak wireless printer
Credit: Amazon

Like most parents, I’m always taking photos of my kids, but I never take the time to print them out. The Kodak Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Color Printer is one of the best gifts for first-time parents who can’t stop taking photos of their adorable little ones. With this wireless printer, they can print 2-inch by 3-inch pictures at home to display on the fridge or give as gifts to friends and family. It uses zero-ink technology, so there are no cartridges to worry about replacing. This is an easy and thoughtful gift for new parents! 

5. For the One Who Doesn’t Drink Enough Water: Owala FreeSip

Best gifts for new parents: Owala bottle
Credit: Amazon

Bottles aren’t just for babies—new parents should stay hydrated, too. Whether at home or out on a walk, the super popular Owala FreeSip water bottle is one of the most useful gifts for new parents because of the stainless steel insulation that keeps drinks cold all day! Thousands of Amazon reviewers love the “built-in straw” and say this is their “favorite” water bottle. It also comes in 15 colors, so you can find a design they’ll love. Plus, the 24-ounce size is stroller-friendly! 

6. For the One Who Needs a Baby Monitor: Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera

Best gifts for new parents: Kasa baby monitor
Credit: Amazon

Baby monitors are a lifesaver for new parents—I used mine constantly when my kids were babies. If they still don’t have a baby monitor or need a secondary monitor, the Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera is a fantastic choice to bring them peace of mind. This is one of the best gifts for new parents because it offers a 360-degree view (so they can see their baby from every angle) and sends push alerts when the baby cries. How incredible is that? Parents with privacy concerns can store videos on an SD card and check in using the Kasa app from anywhere. 

7. For the One Who Needs More Sleep: Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine

Best gifts for new parents: Hatch Rest
Credit: Amazon

The Hatch Rest 2 is one of the best baby gift for new parents. This sound machine from Hatch is loved by parents for its light and sound options that can help babies fall asleep every night by mimicing the sounds they heard in the womb. There’s no gift like sleep, especially for first-time parents, so you can’t go wrong with a sound machine to help their little one drift off into dreamland!

8. For the One Who Doesn’t Have Time to Cook: UberEats Gift Card

Best gifts for new parents: Uber Eats gift card
Credit: Amazon

A gift card to a good delivery service like UberEats is one of the best food gifts for new parents. While a gift card may seem impersonal, for new parents, the flexibility to order what they want and when is immensely helpful—especially in those sleepless first few months. UberEats is widely available in most parts of the country, and it has access to many local restaurants. 

9. For the One With Back Pain: TushBaby Hip Carrier

Best gifts for new parents: TushBaby hip carrier
Credit: Amazon

When my kids were babies, I remember transferring them from hip to hip, trying to shift the weight off of my achy back. If the TushBaby Hip Seat had been around back then, I would’ve had one. This is a practical gift for anyone who holds kids all day long, helping to take some weight off their back. It’s an ergonomic seat that weighs less than one pound and also functions as a diaper bag. Yes, please! This top-rated baby gear item is one of the best gifts for new parents to use anywhere and is approved by pediatricians and chiropractors, according to the brand.

10. For the One Who Needs a Good Night’s Rest: NodPod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask

Best gifts for new parents: NodPod
Credit: Amazon

Slumber may be few and far between for many new parents, but you can help them make the most of shut-eye when they’re able to get it with a weighted eye mask. The NodPod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask comes highly recommended by Amazon reviewers, who say it helps them get their best sleep thanks to the right amount of pressure. Think of it like a weighted blanket but for their eyes! They’ll be thanking you every night for this gift.

11. For the One Whose Phone Battery is Always Low: Portable Phone Charger with Built-in Cables

Portable phone charger

Whether it’s taking pictures, playing Blippi videos, or calling about doctor’s appointments, parents use their phones a lot throughout the day. A portable phone charger is the perfect present to keep their phones charged no matter where they are. Better yet, this phone charger features built-in cords that are compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and Android. This is one of the best gifts for parents who have everything because nobody wants to be without a charged phone during naptime! 

12. For the One Who Loves Skincare: Tula Eye Balm Glow & Get It

Tula Glow and Get It
Credit: Amazon

After a long night staying up with a baby, new parents need a quick pick-me-up, and that’s exactly what Tula’s Eye Balm Glow & Get It is for. This fan-favorite eye stick glides on for a cool and refreshing feel that will leave them feeling ready for the day ahead. It hydrates, targets dark circles, and brightens the eye area. It’s about the size of a tube of lipstick—perfect for the diaper bag or keeping it on a nightstand to make you feel brand new again.

13. For the One Who is Out and About: Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder

Stroller cup holder
Credit: Amazon

All new parents need a sturdy cup holder for their stroller. I love this one because it is adjustable and comes with a built-in phone holder. This 2-in-1 gadget fits popular brands like Uppababy, Nuna, Bugaboo, and Doona, and it can fit bottles up to 3.5 inches wide. It comes in so many colors, too, so you can match it to their stroller! 

14. For the One Who Loves Organization: Oxo Diaper Caddy

OXO diaper caddy
Credit: Amazon

This top-rated diaper caddy is one of the best baby gifts for new parents. It has seven compartments to store diapers, wipes, and more. Plus, it’s lightweight enough that they can move it from room to room throughout the house for a practical and useful new parent gift!

15. For the Couple Who Needs a Date Night: BestSelf Intimacy Deck Conversation Starters

BestSelf Intimacy Deck
Credit: Amazon

It can be hard for new parents to sneak out for date nights. Hoping to keep the spark alive, this highly-rated conversation starter card deck offers thoughtful prompts to help couples stay connected during the busy season of caring for infants. They’ll appreciate spending time getting to know one another all over again after the baby goes to bed, all thanks to this gift.

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