Here are 3 of the best open cups for baby! Plus, 4 tips on how to get baby to successfully drink from them.

Graphic for Post - best first open cups for baby - plus 4 tips when introducing a cup. Images are of 3 colorful baby cups.

Best Cups for Baby

How to teach baby to drink from an open cup?

Although your baby will be consuming the majority of calories from breastmilk or formula for at least a year, you can practice with a cup starting around 6 months. Cup drinking has many benefits for your baby, such as hand-eye coordination, jaw stability, proprioception (one of your baby’s sensory systems), to name just a few. Keep these tips in mind when introducing a cup:

  • Start small – both in size of cup and amount of liquid. The EZPZ Tiny Cup or the Green Sprouts Learning Cup are good options, but even a small plastic cap from a baby bottle, such as Dr. Brown’s brand, will work.
  • For the first MANY trials, always hold onto the cup when practicing with baby and remove it completely off the tray when not practicing with it, so there’s no worry about baby throwing it or dumping out the water inside.
  • Give simple and consistent cues, such as “lift up, sip, set down” with each practice.
  • Avoid starting with “no-spill” cups like the Munchkin Miracle 360 – these may encourage your baby to bite down and draw liquid out using a sucking pattern. Plus, your baby won’t get practice with learning how to place their cup gently down without spilling, as these cups won’t spill no matter how you set them down. 


EZPZ Tiny Cup – soft silicone protects developing teeth and the interior angle of the cup helps liquids flow evenly.

Green Sprouts Learning Cup – easy to grip handles and wide base for stability.

Plastic Baby Bottle Caps – great low-cost option + added bonus – a clear cup helps with seeing the liquid, which can help babies prepare for sipping.

What worked best for your child when drinking from an open cup?


Written by: Lauren Braaten OTR/L, Pediatric Occupational Therapist exclusively for Baby FoodE. Lauren has been supporting children and families with feeding challenges and sensory integration difficulties since 2011. She currently practices in the greater Denver, CO area.