These 11 Best Art Books for Baby + Toddler are a great way to bring art into their little lives. These books are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also fun for baby and toddler to read, play with and learn from. Plus, there are 6 fun art projects for baby + toddler below. Great for infants – 5 years!

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Best Art Books for Baby + Toddler

These are the best art books for baby and toddler🎨📚!

They will grab your baby’s attention and expand their little minds with easy lessons on colors, patterns, and color mixing as well as touching on themes such as architecture, pop art, famous artists throughout history, making mistakes, language and sensory play.

Really, these 11 art books are way more than just any old boring board books for baby and toddler.

These art books are actually a stepping stone into an educational understanding and appreciation for the creative, bold and beautiful world of art.

Plus, they are just pretty to look at 😍

Pop Art Baby

Best Art Books for Baby and Toddler with Pop Art Baby book.

A fun and colorful book featuring artwork from Keith Haring that explore simple themes in English, French, Spanish and German. A great way to expose baby to the world of art and language at the same time!

“Our 5 month old loves the book and all its colors.”

– SL

Little Artist Board Book Set

A set of books featuring different artists.

4 small board books featuring different inspiring artists throughout history. Kids will love taking out and putting away these books into their box as well.. kids and their love for boxes;)

“Bright colors and very thick pages (only 4 spreads per book). Overall a nice first introduction to the art world in a very simplified form.”

– Toni

TouchThinkLearn: Colors

best art book for toddler- colors book with a bear on it.

A beautifully crafted and engaging books letting baby explore through touch as they learn about the fundamentals of color . Their tagline is so on brand – Gives early learning new dimension.

“My daughter LOVES these books. They are raised and so she can feel them. They are very well constructed and simply beautiful with a clean design. Easy to flip pages too. Highly recommended for babies/toddlers and for gifts!”

– Avni

Baby’s First Eames: From Art Deco to Zaha Hadid

Baby's First Eames - best art book for baby

A board book geared towards us Millennial parents – design, function and art!

“I am excited that my daughter will be able to read about some of the chairs in her nursery (Eames) and pieces we have in our home. It’s never too early to teach the little ones about timeless and unique designs.”

– Bunny

Art for Baby

best art book for baby - art for baby white book with black words.

A bold art book for baby that will bring contemporary art into their little lives. The reviews on this book are out of this world amazing! Great for a gift and a must-have for your own baby. Plus, there are separate art cards you can hand on their walls!

“Our daughters favorite book–perfect for her stage of developement–engaging but not overly stimulating.”

– Stephen

Beautiful Oops!

best art book for toddler - beautiful oops!

My 5 and 7 year olds still love this book! A life lesson that all parents want their children to learn: It’s OK to make a mistake.

“This book is one that I have never seen before. I love everything about it. Both of my kids (ages 4 and 2) typically don’t like books, but they are intrigued by the many different pages in this book.”

– Claudia

Mouse Paint

mouse paint book for best art books for baby and toddler.

This story is beyond cute and both my girls loved this book. It teaches the concepts of colors and color mixing in a fun and compelling way.

“I love, love, love this book. It is so cute and while it tells the story about the three mice, it demonstrates how mixing the primary colors together result in other colors. I highly recommend this book!”


I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!

aint gonna paint no more - best art books for toddler

A fun, creative and silly book that you can sing to your little ones.

“A big, bright and fun board book with silly illustrations (and splashes of color where paint appears)! Don’t let the grammar throw you off. This is a great book for the creative and the adventurous!”

– StarZ


A book cover called Art, with splatters of paint on it.

I can’t tell who loves this book more, my kids or myself!

“This is one of the most wonderful books for children I have ever read~ So exuberant, Inspiring and FUN! I think I would rank it up there with “Where the Wild Things Are”!”

– Debra

Henri’s Scissors

Henti's Scissors - best art book for toddlers

This book is so inspirational that you will want to start cutting some craft paper for yourself. A touching story about the artist and his vision of huge color cutouts.

“Bought this for my 18 month old great-nephew because of his love of bright colors and vivid imagery. I’d say this is a terrific book to carry him along on the creative path his mom has started him on. It’s certainly a book designed to stimulate his imagination in the best possible way.”

– UncaLawwy

Press Here 

press here book with yellow dot on the cover.

A fun and interactive away to

One of those books that we’ve grown to love more the more we read it. The first time we read it, I was thinking “hmmm…this is a little weird” but then I read it with my 3 year old and he LOVED interacting with the book. I totally see where you were going with this, Herve Tullet! I guess I was too old to see it 🙂

– DC10745

Art Projects for Baby + Toddler

Baby’s First Painting

Baby’s First Steps Footprint Art

Shake Painting in a Jar

Painting with Bubbles

I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More Book Craft

Painting with Scissors – Exploring Matisse Cutouts

More Books for Baby + Toddler