These 24 Cute + Fun Insulated Lunch Bags will help keep your kids school lunch cold all morning long. Great for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school aged kids.

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Last week I found myself at Target (by myself, which as we all know is the best thing ever!!), with my cart completely packed with school supplies, staring blankly at the rows and rows of lunch bags.

Why my cart was packed with school supplies even though the girls don’t actually have the 2-page list of required school supplies yet, is completely beyond me. But when markers, crayons and notebooks are only a buck, you gotta take advantage and just go with it.

But after spending a solid 30 minutes looking for the perfect lunch bag for Ellie, which she does need, I left empty handed.

Zero Zip Zilch Nada

There wasn’t one bag out of the zillion they carried that would work for Ellie’s school lunch. My requirements are simple 1) needs to be able to hold a bigger size bento box 2) have no TV characters on it 3) be cute and bright because this is a 4-year olds lunch bag we are talking about here.

So, I ran home and got searching online for the perfect bag for Ellie’s school lunches.

And because I know you will be going on a similar hunt soon, here it is, my list of my top lunch bags for toddlers and kids!

They are bright, fun and cute! They don’t have TV characters on them and they can all hold different sizes of bento boxes. If you already own a bento box, please measure to make sure it will fit in the bag you like before ordering. If you are looking for a new bento or have no idea what a bento even is, here is my guide to my favorite bentos (I literally have every bento on the market!).

If bentos aren’t your thing but don’t want to use a trillion lunch baggies during the school year, then look into these reusable baggies. I have a set and LOVE them!

Bonus – all of the lunch bags below offer more boy/girl/neutral themes, so if you find a style you like, make sure to follow the link to see even more fun designs from that brand!

Best Insulated Lunch Bags-

1- BUILT NY Big Apple Buddies Insulated Lunch Sack in Ladybug. Comes in 6 different animal shapes.

2- iSuperb® Insulated Lunch Bag Box Tote in African Animals Blues. Comes in 4 fun patterns.

3- Little JJ Cole Lunch Pack in Rocket. Comes in 4 fun designs.

4- PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure in Saturday. Comes in 30 cute patterns.

5- Wildkin Lunch Box in Dynamite Dinosaurs. Comes in 31 different styles.

6- Evecase Kids Insulated Lunch Bag Tote in Cute Owl. Comes in 3 different animal themes.

7- PackIt Freezable Upright Lunch Box in Poppies. Comes in 5 fun patterns.

8- Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies Insulated Lunch Bags in Cat. Also comes in 22 cute animal designs.

9- Sugarbooger Zippee Lunch Tote in Retro Robot. Comes in 9 different styles.

10- Bixbee Sparkalicious Glitter Insulated Lunchbox in deep pink. Comes in 4 sparkly colors.

11- Mackenzie Aqua Glitter Dot Lunch Sack. Comes in 7 different patterns.

12- Fit & Fresh Gabby Insulated Lunch Bag in Paisley Cat. Comes in 8 fun designs.

13- Owl Lunch Bag. Comes in 4 different animals.

14- Urban Infant/Toddler Yummie Lunch Bag in Traffic. Comes in 8 different designs.

15- XMBEDERT Kids Portable Mini School Insulate Cooler Lunch Bag in Giraffe. Comes in Butterfly, Motorcycle and Dinosaur.

16- Wildkin Munch ‘N Lunch in Big Fish. Comes in 28 different designs.

17- 3 Sprouts Lunch Bag in Whale. Comes in 8 other fun animal styles.

18- Petit Collage Insulated Lunch Box in Butterflies. Comes in 3 different styles.

19- Crocodile Creek Eco Kids Insulated Kids’ Lunchbox with Handle in Solar System. Comes in 5 different patterns.

20- Striped Critter Monster Lunch Bag. Comes in 8 fun characters.

21- DwellStudio for Thermos Insulated Lunch Box in Dinosaur. Comes in 2 different fun patterns.

22- Dabbawalla Insulated & Eco-Friendly Lunch Bag in Out of this World. Comes in 14 fun animal and kid-friendly designs.

23- Yodo 3-Way Convertible Playful Insulated Kids Lunch Box, Carry Bag and Backpack in Dragon. Comes in 7 different styles.

24- Bentology Insulated Durable Lunch Bag in Penguins. Comes in 5 different patterns.


Don’t forget an ice pack!

1- Kids Conserve Sweat-Free Ice Pack in Magenta Squiggle.

2- Crocodile Creek Kids Eco Reusable Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes (Set of 2) in Solar System.

3- Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Character Shaped Lunch Ice Packs (Set of 4) in multi-colored.

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