I thought I would take the next couple of weeks to talk about all the questions you have at the very beginning of feeding your baby, all those silly things that keep you up in the middle of the night, like for instance – when do you start to actually feeding your baby solid food? How do you start? How much food do you serve them? When can you combine different foods? Are there different methods to feeding your baby? What if my baby doesn’t like the food I made for them?

Whoa momma, so many questions. Let’s take some deep breaths. Let’s not have this part overwhelm us, we will work it out together. No worries, this is the fun part!

So where do you even begin? Well, let’s start at the very beginning.

Determining if your baby is ready for solid foods.

Having your baby start solid food doesn’t start at an exact age, it doesn’t start because you really want them to start eating your delicious food and it doesn’t happen just because your mother-in-law wants them to start eating.

You have really nothing to do with it. Sorry, but you don’t.

It is all up to your baby. As we know by now, those babies have all the power.

It all has to do if your baby is developmentally ready to start eating solid food, which usually happens anywhere between 4-6 months. I would advise to not start any solid food before 4 months old. Your baby is just not ready. Could it take longer then 6 months for your baby to be ready to start eating? Absolutely!

Watch and listen to your baby. Learn to read their signs. They will tell you when they are ready to begin eating, and if you by chance miss these signs, they will probably roll their cute baby eyes at you then just reach over, grab your food and munch away on it. 

If you have check all or most of the boxes, then congratulations, your baby is ready to begin the next fun adventure in it’s life – eating solid food! If you did not check all the boxes, do not worry. Your baby will get there one day soon, I promise. 

Next up, How to Introduce Solid Food to Your Baby!