You’ll find something for everyone in this collection of 15 Healthy Back-to-School Breakfast Recipes for the entire family! Every recipe is easy and nutritious, and best of all, both mom approved and kid approved. Start the day off so right for your kids and toddlers with these healthy breakfast recipes for school mornings!

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Ellie started school two weeks ago, and needless to say our mornings went from easy breezy summer status to full on jammed packed and busy beyond belief in the matter of minutes. Making it out the door with 2 kids fed, dressed and with their packed lunches is a tiring act to achieve day after day. Thank goodness there is a full pot of coffee for me to drink each morning, or we would be late every single day!

So after enduring a full week of non-stop cyclones hitting our house each morning at 7am, I decided I needed a plan on how to streamline our breakfasts, because having homemade frozen waffles each morning was getting a little old. So, I pulled out a couple of my family’s favorite breakfast recipes (frozen breakfast burritos, rainbow peppers + feta quiche) and looked around the web for some new amazing recipes (slow cooker peaches and cream steel-cut oatmeal, banana quinoa breakfast bars).

All of the 15 recipes below are either a snap to make in the morning, or are great to make over the weekend and have the leftovers throughout the week.  If it’s one thing I love it’s a make once, serve twice recipe!

Best part, all of the recipes are nutritious as well as they are delicious!

Having a weeks worth of pre-made or easy-to-make breakfasts has not only made our mornings a little less hectic, but it has also given me enough time to get dressed in semi-clean clothes and not have to wear my week old dirty yoga pants for school drop-off each morning. Which I am pretty sure is a bigger win for Ellie (hello embarrassing mom!) then it is for me.

Slow Cooker Peaches and Cream Steel-Cut Oatmeal by The Healthy Maven
Get this ready on Sunday night and on Monday morning you will have a warm and delicious oatmeal ready for your entire family to devour! Bonus, the leftover oatmeal keeps for the rest of the week!

8 Classic Overnight Oats Recipes You Should Try by Back to Her Roots
So many yummy ideas, so little time! I like to make overnight oats on the weekend and then have them for a quick breakfast all week long. While most people eat their overnight oats cold, we like ours heated in the microwave until just warm.

Cinnamon Vanilla Breakfast Protein Bites (No Bake, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly) by Cotter Crunch
Such a great breakfast idea for literally a breakfast on-the-go! I would serve this with a healthy smoothie or juice to really fill the girls up.

Banana Quinoa Breakfast Bars by The Healthy Maven
This recipe is easy to make on the weekend to keep your family fed all week long, that is if you don’t eat it all in one sitting:)

Mini Wonton Quiche by The Recipe Rebel
Easy and portable is the game of this quiche game. I love the idea of using pre-made wonton wrappers (I have seen a whole wheat wrapper at my store before) for a quiche crust.

Breakfast Fruit Pizza by Two Peas and Their Pod
Your kids will probably love you forever if you serve them pizza for breakfast!! And since it is full of whole grains, protein and fiber, we will keep the healthy aspect of this pizza to ourselves!

Good Morning Breakfast Cookies by Beaming Baker
Cookies for Breakfast?!? I think every toddler’s dreams just came true! Made with whole oats, dates and almonds, these refined sugar-free, gluten-free cookies are great for breakfast, snack or even dessert.

Freezer Breakfast Burritos by Gimme Some Oven
My family loves a warm breakfast burrito in the mornings! Which is funny because I can’t get the girls to eat burritos any other time of the day. The key to making a burrito for kids is to go lite on the fillings so they can actually get their little mouths around the tortilla and the fillings at the same time. This recipe is great to make ahead and then pop in the microwave or toaster oven on a busy morning.

Back-To-School Granola by Baby FoodE
A nut-free granola that is great served with milk or yogurt and a sprinkle of fresh berries, banana slices or peach chunks. Breakfast doesn’t get any faster then that!

Baked Sausage, Spinach and Egg Breakfast Taquitos by Eat Cake for Dinner for The Recipe Critic
These are a great to make one night for breakfast-for-dinner with a side of beans, rice and mild salsa for the entire family and then save the leftovers for breakfast later in the week. To get them crispy again, you have to heat in the oven or toaster oven but I never hear any complaints for just popping them in the microwave to heat up.

Cinnamon Apple Breakfast Banana Split by Neighbor Food Blog
If you really want to go crazy with this breakfast, then slice the bananas, sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon and then broil for 5 minutes in the oven before topping with all the fixins. It will be sure to make your kids (and you) happy for the rest of the day!

 5 Make-Ahead Mason Jar Breakfast Parfait Recipes by The Two Bite Club
Parfaits are one of my favorite breakfast dishes, but for some reason I never thought to pre-make them! Brilliant! I use bigger glass jars for myself and then smaller jars for the girls and then we add homemade granola to the top as we eat them. They completely love having their own little fun jars for breakfast, and I love that all I have to do is unscrew the top and then hand them over.

Rainbow Peppers + Feta Quiche by Baby FoodE
Parker can eat about 6 of these mini quiches at a sitting, so I always make a double batch when I make these so she can have some latter in the week.


Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Cups by My Lovely Little Lunch Box
We made these this summer and the girls loved being able to top their own cups by themselves with a variety of different berries and fruit. I now keep a stash of the shells in the freezer so I can add the yogurt and berries in no time at all on a busy morning. Note, these are also great for packed lunches!

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal by Baby FoodE
Baked oats, pumpkin and pecans! A warm breakfast that has all the classic fall flavors that you can slice and have your kids carry with them in the car or on the bus. They can also eat this at the breakfast table, but if your kids are like mine, that doesn’t often happen on busy school mornings.

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