LUNCH – Fish + Corn Chowder
Lunches like this make me absolutely giddy. Not only did I use leftover fish from the Fish Tacos with Creamy Coleslaw, that we had for dinner the night before, but I cooked the Corn and Potato Chowder overnight in my slow cooker. I have never done that before (except with chicken stock), but it was awesome, because I had freshly made, hot soup in the morning, all ready to fill up thermoses for school and work lunches.

The fish from the fish tacos has a bit of spice to it, so it paired up nicely with the mild soup. I just laid a piece of fish on top of the soup and let everyone decide if they wanted to mix it into the soup or not. Then I did my happy dance all around the kitchen. For real:)

SNACK – Yogurt & Fruit Tortilla Cups with Fruit Skewers
These mini Yogurt and Fruit Tortilla Cups are fun for a snack, but they also make a perfect little healthy dessert. Here I topped them up with strawberries and chia seeds and served them with some fruit skewers made with kiwi, grapes and oranges.

The great thing is, the little tortilla cups can be made the day before (’cause snack time, dinner time and party time are busy enough already:) and they are super easy to make. I just use a 3″ biscuit/cookie cutter to cut circles out of a tortilla. I used large whole wheat tortillas and was able to cut 7 circles out of each one. Then I pressed each circle into the cup of a mini muffin pan, making sure to gently press the tortilla flat against the bottom and the folds against the side. Using a pastry brush, I lightly brushed the inside of each tortilla with melted butter and then sprinkled them with cinnamon. Then I baked them in a 350°F oven for 7 – 10 minutes, until they started to turn golden.

Now here’s the fun part, not only can I can fill them with whatever I want or have on hand, but I can also swap out the cinnamon, for something more savory like paprika, and use these same cups for things like tacos or egg salad or chili or even as little dip bowls for a personal fondue or some avocado dip.

SNACK – Sweet Potato Muffins and Sunflower Seeds
I am always on the look out for veggie based, healthy choice, muffin recipes. There are lots of muffin recipes with added fruit, but I like to make sure we have a balance of baked goods that contain fruits and vegetables. This recipe from Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook Everyday Super Food packs a lot of sweet potato for sure, but I have to say what made these muffins extra special was the topping. I don’t normally add toppings to the muffins I make, but you can bet I will start, especially the seeds – yum!