You may have noticed that I tend to only use and am a big advocate of only using organic produce in my baby food making and I want to take some time to talk about why I made that decision for my family. This will take a couple of different posts due to how much information there is to talk about. So hang in there with me for a couple of weeks while we process it all together. 

I find that the word ‘organic’ scares some people from using these items because they think of food that is extremely expensive, not worth the extra time or money and only for those with a big income. Don’t be so scared. I hope to prove to you that none of these are entirely true. 

I started eating an organic diet on and off again roughly 10 years ago but really focused on making it a shopping priority when I got pregnant and then started making baby food for my little one. With that said, I am not perfect and do not eat a 100% organic diet. I would say at our house we eat 90% organic produce, meat and dairy and 60% organic grains, breads, pasta and staples. While going out to eat, we tend to eat at local restaurants that strive to get local produce and meat but there are times that we end up at a chain restaurant and we still enjoy our meal very much. On a personal level, I find that when I don’t eat organic and start eating packaged food and conventional produce my system starts to feel sluggish, I do not feel 100% and my energy level plummets. 

But it is not the same for everyone. Shopping and using organic produce is a personal one and people tend to get up in arms about their decision. Whatever you do is ok with me. I will still love each and everyone of you and give you a friendly hug from affair when you need one. If you use conventional produce, or are maybe using organic for produce on the dirty dozen list or use all organic produce to make your baby food you are still providing your baby more nutrients then buying the pre-made baby food at the store. We all have our ‘things’ in our lives that we like to focus on and this is one of mine. 

Reasons why to use organic produce for baby food:

  • Babies that eat organic produce, meat and milk are exposed to lower levels of harmful long-lasting insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics. 
  • Pound per pound, babies eat more food then adults thus exposing them to a way higher level of harmful chemicals.  
  • Because they are synthetic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics reck havoc on the babies immune system, organs and hormones. 
  • Many recent studies show these chemicals have a direct link to causing a number of cancers in adults.  
  • Organic produce cannot be forced to ripen [conventional produce is often treated with hormone called Ethylene] and is at the market at the peak of freshness.  
  • Organic produce is more nutritious then conventional proceed and recent studies have shown that organic produce has more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc.