It’s an exciting day!

I’m nervous and exhausted but mostly just beyond thrilled to be able to share with you beautiful people what I have been working on for the last couple of months!!

My first Baby FoodE cookbook!

Making a book was something people near and dear to me have been urging me to do from the very start. But of course, I didn’t listen to them until one bleak and miserable Winter day, I had an idea! Why don’t I make a cookbook? A book filled with beautiful pictures and amazing but simple recipes geared for babies 6 months to 1 year. A book that will feature the best of what Spring has to offer.

Everyone shook their heads yes, high-fived me and only mentioned once or twice that they have been telling me this for months.

And now it is here. Finally here! After months of planning, testing, prepping, shooting and helping but the book together, it is now yours for the taking.

What is in the book

  • Completely New, Original Recipes that have never been published before and only available in the cookbook.
  • Includes 24 pages and more then 25 full color photos.
  • Grocery list to make shopping a snap.
  • 7-day meal plan that provides a well rounded, nutritious and delicious eating experience for your baby.
  • Easy, Fun and flavorful recipes for babies 6 months to 1 year that are inspired by fresh and organic Spring produce.
  • Includes recipes for 8 purees and 2 starter finger foods.
  • Make all 10 recipes and you will have a 2 month supply of yummy frozen baby food.
  • Did I mention that they are fast and easy? Almost all recipes can be made in less then 30 minutes or make them all in 4 hours.
  • Introduction and nutritional information by Sara Peternell, MNT
  • Recipes can be made year round, with frozen substitutions.

10 Spring Inspired Baby Food Recipes is available

  • For download as a versatile PDF
  • Works great on computers, iPad, iPhone, Kindle or printed on 8.5″x11″ paper
    • Download to your iPad or iPhone with iBooks or download the cookbook to your computer, add it to your library and sync the iPad to your computer.
  • Shopping list as a printable PDF
  • 7-day meal plan as a printable PDF

Excerpts from Sara’s Introduction

As well as offering amazing flavors, spring produce features some important nutrients for your baby. Berries, tender leafy greens, and artichokes are all great sources of potent antioxidant and immune booster vitamin c which also helps improve baby’s iron absorption. Many spring fruits and vegetables like apricots, carrots and golden beets are also rich in vitamin A, which develops your baby’s eyesight and learning centers of the brain. 

This book is the perfect start to your healthy family’s long-term nutrition program. The recipes in the book offer your baby a complete and balanced foundation to solid foods. 

Michele has developed the recipes to incorporate the right combinations of fruits and vegetables (for vitamins, minerals, energy and fiber) with the highest quality of proteins (pastured egg yolk and turkey and organic dairy) and the exact right amount of healthy fats from both high-quality plant and animal sources. All of which set the stage for your baby’s healthiest and happiest body and brain development!