This four-ingredient Orange + Carrot + Ginger Juice is healthy, refreshing, vitamin-packed, and best of all it’s easy to make! No juicer required – you can make this vibrant juice in the blender. Make it whenever you need a pick me up or an immunity boost during flu season.

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Here was the plan for this month – finish writing my book, take a day or two off to play with my family, go away on a grown-up girls only weekend, come back relaxed and ready to get back to work on the blog.

In reality this is what happened – finished writing my book, took an entire week off, went on a grown-up girls only weekend and came back tired and grumpy (I’m blaming this on the alcohol, staying up too late chatting and floating a little too long in a hot tub. And yes, I feel fine blaming my grumpiness on the mixed drinks, it’s all their fault:). Then to top it all off,  I got back home to a sick husband and two sick girls with double ear and eye infections, followed by 5 nights of very little sleep. Yes, that is 5 entire nights were I hardly got any sleep and it is making me feel every bit of my old age.

Well hello there dark bags under my eyes, it is nice to see you again.

People warn you that you will get very little sleep when you have a newborn. This is true. But what people fail to mention to you is that you will get even less sleep when you have sick kids. Epic fail people, epic! It gets even worse! Not only do the kids not sleep through the night, they also throw up on you, rub their snotty noses all over you and want to sleep only on you. A heads up would have been nice, thankyouverymuch!

spread of ingredients for carrot orange juice.

Today though, we finaalllllllllllyyy turned a corner, a small corner, but a corner none the less. Both of my girls are feeling a little better so I decided to take them to a toddler play group at the botanic gardens by my house. And if that sounds super fancy of me, trust me it is not. It is a bunch of 2 year olds digging in the dirt while getting extremely dirty and trying their best to not through rocks or sand at one another.

We got to the classroom and while we were waiting for the teacher to begin, I look over and see that Ellie desperately needs to get her nose wiped. So I get up, grab a kleenex and then processed to do our little dance of me making funny faces at her while while tackling her to the ground, all while I am trying really hard to not drop baby Parker on the ground, so that I can get at her nose with my last kleenex all while she is yelling ‘ooooowwwwwwiiiieeeeeeee mommmmmy, that hurrrts.’ Yup, I bet it does.

We finally settle down and are ready for the dirty digging to begin when a grandma of one of the other toddlers, whom I have never met before, comes up to me and says ‘boy darlin, you sure do have your hands full today’ and before I could even give her my – yes, I am aware of that and I am just trying to do my best at this very moment and if you say another word I might start crying look, she goes on to say ‘and my hands aren’t full enough’ while she leans forward with her hands outstretched and takes baby from me (and while this may sound like this lady just stole my child, trust me, she had that Mary Poppins quality about her). I’ll be in the corner with your beautiful baby girl, you focus on your toddler for the rest of the class.’
Then off she went.
I didn’t get a word in edgewise.

spread of ingredients for carrot orange juice.

At first, I wanted to turn to her and tell her that I got this. I could take care of both of my girls. I could do it all. I was a good mom. But I stopped, I was just too tired.

So I stopped thinking about myself for all of five seconds and started to play with just Ellie. I gave her everything I had, every last ounce of love and energy that was in me. She soaked it all up. She needed some one on one time with me. Some love that I made just for her.

It felt good in my heart.

After the class ended I went over to get my baby back and before I could express how thankful I was for her helping me out she said ‘you probably don’t hear this enough, but you are a wonderful mother and I could tell you just needed a few minutes with only one kid today. And besides, the youngest and last of my grandchildren is three so I will never be able to just hold a baby like this again. You don’t realize it, but being able to hold your baby was a wonderful gift for me and made my entire week. Thank you.’ And with that and a big hug, she turned around, met her husband and granddaughter and walked out of the classroom.

I don’t even know her name.

spread of ingredients for carrot orange juice.

So that mamas is the moral of this long-winded story – YOU are a wonderful mom. YOU are doing your best each and every second of the day. Take a deep breath and let help come to you (even from strangers) when you need it most. Because even though you can do it all, you don’t have to. We have each other backs.

Blender full of carrot and orange juice.

The other moral of this story, is that you need to make this juice. I have been hammering on and on about my little happy moment that I had today and getting all sappy up in here, that I haven’t even talked about what my entire sick family has been drinking this week – this amazing combination of orange, carrot and ginger juice! Seriously, this juice is the best thing ever! It is my go-to drink when I am A) sick or B) hungover. Needless to say, this pretty much covers my drinking needs 80% of the time. Think of it as a traditional orange juice that is amped up with a little smoothness from the carrots and a some zing from the ginger.

You can make this shockingly orange juice in either your blender or juicer. I have made it both ways many times and while I love using my juicer for this recipe, I am usually way to lazy to actually get my bulky juicer off the top shelf of my pantry and clean the darn thing afterwards, so I tend to use my blender most of the time. The blender will make a thicker juice while juicing it will give you a thinner more juice like drink. Both are great. If you don’t have a juicer, but still want a thinner juice, just add a touch of water to the recipe to thin it out some. Both ways are juice winners – sick, hungover or for everyday drinking needs.

glass of juice with ice.
glass of carrot and orange juice with ice.


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  • 4 oranges, peeled and sectioned
  • 1/2 cup carrots, shredded or finely chopped
  • 1 inch fresh ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
  • 2-4 tablespoons water
  • Ice for serving


For Blender

  • Place the oranges, carrots and ginger into the blender and puree until smooth, roughly one minute. This will be a thick juice, so if needed, add water to thin it out and blend for 30 more seconds. Serve over ice.

For Juicer

  • Press the oranges, carrots and ginger through the juicer. These amounts of ingredients listed will get you one large serving. You may need to double this recipe in order to get the desired amounts. Serve over ice.


Yeild: 2 medium servings from blender or 1 large serving from juicer.
Storage: Will store for 2 days in fridge. It will separate with time, so stir before serving.

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