These are the tools that I cannot live without in my kitchen, my total favs!

I am not sure if you would count a spoon and a spatula as tools, but let’s just go with it here.

I got all of these, except the blender, off of my wedding registry and didn’t actually use them all that much until Ellie was born. I guess before kids I was too busy traveling, drinking and living it way way way up in San Francisco to stop and actually make that many meals. Now these tools, along with my crockpot, are in heavy rotation around my house. And as you can see, my spatula has seen better days!!:)

For baby food, you don’t need all of these tools, in fact I only use my blender to make purees, hummus, chop vegetables and for my daily smoothie. I do however cook/bake with the other ones on a regular basis. So if you are starting out, I would recommend getting one of the items below and then going from there.

1. Food Processor – From chopping vegetables, making hummus and even making baby food purees, a food processor is one of my favorite kitchen tools.

2. Hand Blender – This one comes in handy for me mostly in the fall, when I puree big batches of soup on a nightly bases . While this process can be done in the blender, ever since I have burned my forehead when I didn’t attach the blender lid on tight enough, I stick with my hand blender.

3. Blender – hands down this is the most used piece of equipment in my kitchen. Let’s just say, that LOOOOVVVVEEE isn’t a strong enough word for how I feel about my Blendtec. This blender gets it done – purees, smoothies, hummes, dips, soups, pestos. It blends it all! I like to refer to this as the IPhone of the Blenders. Super smart! Super sexy! Super simple! While they are totally pricey, this blender will last you the rest of your life. And let’s not forget, it also makes the most amazing margaritas.**

4. Wooden Spoons – This isn’t really a tool, but I use my wooden spoons all-the-time!

5. Spatula – Again, not a tool, but look at this thing, it gets major love in my kitchen.. I may not let the blender or food processor completely stop before sticking this in to scrape down the sides. Super lazy cook ((raising hand)).

** I love my blendtec so much, I decided to become an affiliate with them. So if you are thinking about buying one (they have amazing deals on refurbished models) please go through my site so I can continue to support my coffee addition.. thank you very much!