Well, my dear readers, this is the end… for now. 

Or is it just the beginning?

Next time we talk, and I mean really talk, I will be a mom of 2 kiddos and even more tired then I am now. Which means even more spelling errors, thoughts that just drift away and posts that may not have all the directions you need to successfully complete the recipe, you know it happens to all of us great moms. 

Today is my due date and just like any other job, I will be taking some time off!! A maternity leave from a blog is kinda of a weird concept. But I have decided to take a couple weeks to focus on my growing family [don’t worry, I will do a post about Baby FoodE#2, when she gets here] and myself. As you all know, the world after having a baby can become a blurred vision of unconscious events that you remember – but not really. A dream world. And let me be honest, this whole post-pardon thing is completely stressing me out this time around since I know what is coming. So I’m take a couple weeks off to recover, recoup and relax all while somehow chasing after a toddler on very little sleep. 

But don’t worry, I have some great posts from Lindsey, Sara, Lynn and Mary lined up for you to enjoy as well as some new recipe posts from me that I have already [mostly] finished. Of course, I am not entirely leaving and will be checking in and responding to your questions via email, Instagram and Facebook. It might just take me a little longer then usual to get back to you. 

Take care and talk to you soon!


PS – We still don’t have a name for this baby girl, yes I do know this is very last minute!! So if you have any awesome baby girl names, please let me know.