Last week, I did a post about travel snacks for toddlers and I didn’t want to leave out the little ones.

That would be so unfair of me.

The most important thing to bring while traveling with a baby is breast milk or formula. Giving a bottle or your boob to your baby during take off or decent will help with easing painful ear pressure. It is also a go to if you are stuck in traffic [bottles might be easier for this], stuck in long lines at the car rental place or generally just stuck in line.

After doing a very hectic car pump and feed on a winding mountain road for my then 3 month old daughter, I learned my lesson that you should have at least 2 bottles of breast milk or pre-mixed formula when traveling.

In addition to breast milk or formula, you should also carry a small amounts of snacks for them to munch on. It is will keep them entertained and relaxed while out exploring this big world with you.

It will make them calmer, it will make you calmer.

Win. Win.