FREE Blank Menu Plan

When Little E was first starting purees, I made a meal plan for her every week. I know what you are thinking, she’s a baby!!!…why does she need a meal plan? The answer was simple, to keep me organized and to have her new food diet be as balanced and nutritious as possible. It also helps if you are not the only one that will be feeding your baby. I would leave a meal plan on the fridge and whomever was feeding her for that meal and day would know exactly what to give her.

I have learned a lot over the past year and a half and here are the guidelines I always go by when creating a meal plan for a baby (once they are an established eater) or toddler.

  • Balance each puree/food throughout the week, so your little one isn’t eating the same thing 2 meals or days in a row.
  • Make sure they are getting protein, fat and iron each day since those are the fundamental building blocks for healthy growth and development.
  • Have fun and be adventurous! Eating should be an enjoyable time for your baby.