Cutting board with a selection of cheeses for baby on it.

Cheese for Baby

It’s Friday! Let’s get fancy for a minute. I’m talking about the kind of fancy that makes you go to the stinky side of the market that is filled with weird looking cheese in wedges and wheels with weird colors of blue and green in them. That’s mold they say…really? This kind of fancy is a slippery slope, because once you get sucked in, you will never go back to boring cheese again. 

Let’s kick out the notion that kids love only one kind of cheese, the kind that comes in sticks and you peel back tiny sections one at a time. I’m talking about string cheese. Have you tried it lately? It takes like nothing. It fills your kiddo up for all of 5 minutes before they need another snack.

Let’s get crazy and let our kiddos eat cheese that actually tastes like something – salty, creamy, sweet, sharp or savory. 

It’s fancy Friday, after all. 

nutritional information on cheese for baby.

My top 4 cheese to ease your little one into being a cheese snob are:

  • Gruyere 
  • Sharp Cheddar
  • Feta
  • Goat

Once they fall in love with all of these [and I know they will] you can really introduce them to any cheese in the market. Have fun and try something new. 

Cutting board with a selection of cheeses for baby on it.