These two really shouldn’t be friends.

Cherries and Apricots, I mean.

They are just different sides of the same coin. One is loud,
charismatic and vivacious the other is quiet, dry and a wallflower. The first
one usually drives the second a bit crazy. I mean really, the cherry can be a bit
annoying. It has parades, festivals and even songs dedicated to it, pies made
with only it, there is even a town named after it.
Big head. Big shot.

The apricot is just not that high maintenance. It likes to
play it cool.
No fuss. No Muss.

Until one day a crazy baby food lady gets inspired to toss
them both onto a pan, crank up the heat in the oven to an almost unbearable sweltering
level just to see what would happen. At first, nothing. Then the heat starts to
put the pressure on them until they have no fight left in them. Then they begin
to relax. They start to mingle.

Slowly at first.

There is a look from across the pan, then a smile and pretty
soon they are striking up a bubbly conversation. They finally become friends.

Good ones.

Friends that were somehow meant all along to be friends.

Apricot + Cherries + Ginger Recipe

Inspired by Joy the Baker

12 Organic Apricots
1 Cup Organic Red Cherries
1 tsp fresh grated Ginger

Turn oven to 450°.
Wash all fruit. Turn up the jams, this is your time so don’t even think about turning on the kiddo station. That’s right rock out to your station.
Cut the apricots off the pit, toss them on a pan lined with parchment paper. Who needs another mess to clean up? Add the paper already.
Cut cherry’s off of their pit. This is the only tricky part. If you have a cherry pitter – good for you. You must have a way larger kitchen then me and yes, I am a tad bit jealous. I do my pitting the old fashion way, with my finger. Yep, a little messy but fun as hell. Cut cherries in half, rip off cherry flesh and discard pit. Throw cherry’s on the pan with the apricots.
Grate fresh ginger. Go ahead and lean in. Take a long, calming whiff. Ahhh….
So this is what relaxation feels like after children.
Put pan of fruit in oven for 15-25 minutes or until fruit is in a loving relationship with each other – bubbly and browned.
Scrape all fruit and their juices from pan into a food processor or blender. Blend until smooth.
Served by itself or with a nice greek yogurt.