There was a moment the other day where I almost lost it. Ever have those moments? It wasn’t any one thing that the babes did, or maybe it was and I just forgot because of all of the banging my head did against the wall.

We all have way too many things on our plates that need to get done all the time. We all get burnt out.

We need a break. We need a vacation.

Let’s all go there together. Someplace with sandy beaches, warm sunshine and nothing to do but lay around. You know, one of those vacations you had before kids.

The kind where the only thing on your agenda is to make sure you flip over on your beach chair every so offen so you can achieve the perfect shade of red.

The kind where the biggest decision you have to make is which fruity drink you are going to consume next.

The kind where you are tired at the end of the day from doing nothing.

Nice isn’t it. Just us getting away. Ahhh..

But since we can’t go right now, this puree will take us away to someplace amazing, a tropical vacation blended into a colorful concoction of sweet citrus puree with a slight kick of heat to balance it out. You can make it with fresh ingredients or frozen depending on what you can find.

There is no passport required, no packing to be done, no stress of finding and fitting into a too small bikini.

Just you and your little on a mental vacation.


Baby gets puree, Mommy gets margarita made from puree.


go ahead and have a couple of chunks

Aloha Puree – Pineapple + Mango + Papaya + Korean Chili Threads

1 organic pineapple or 2 cups frozen organic pineapple
1 organic papaya or 2 cups frozen organic papaya
3 small organic mangos or 1 1/2 cup organic mango
1 tsp korean chili threads or 1/2 tsp chili powder

Start with the pineapple, cut off it’s top and bottom. Then cut the remainder hunk into 3-4′ wheels. Cut off the skin of the pineapple and then cut up the rest of the pineapple meet. Even though it is a little tough, you can use the middle section.

For the papaya, cut the entire thing lenghwise down the middle. Scoop out the seeds. Then scoop out the orange flesh from the peel.

For the mango, peel the outer skin off the mango. Then cut off the flesh from the annoying pit. I find mangos a difficult fruit to work from and wish the pit would be easier to get rid of. But it is worth the work, mangos are delish.

Put all fruit and korean chili threads into a large sacue pan and cook on medium for 10 minutes or until all the fruit is nice and warm. Make sure to stir now and then so nothing gets stuck on the bottom. If you are using frozen fruit, skip all the prep work and heat frozen fruit on medium for 15-20 minutes or until warm.

Puree fruit in blender until nice and smooth.

For mommy Aloha Margarita, follow this recipe.

Serve both with a fancy cocktail umbrella.