How did the first 3 tips work for you? Have you noticed a difference in your kiddo and their eating habits?

In case you missed them, here are the first 3 tips –

#1      Try Try Try Again
#2     1 Bite
#3     Eat Together

Tip #4

Be a Food Role Model

We talked a little about this in Tip #3 but kids really watch everything you do and really try to do these same actions. Whether this in your words (hello.. no more using cuss words!), actions or responses to everyday occerances, they are watching and learning from us.

So become their food role model!

Try new foods.

Eat more healthy then you ever thought possible.

Be adventurous in new ways to cook foods.

Grab something from the market that you have never tried before.

Show them that you are trying 1 bite of everything.

Don’t cloud their opiones of what not to like just because you don’t like it. Let them decide for themselves. They will often surprise you.

Stop eating on the run and show them the importance of sitting down to enjoy eating a meal.

If you want them to be a healthy eater, be one yourself.