LUNCH – Roasted Veggie & Feta Pizza
We love roasted veggies and often have them at dinner. Since a lot of the pizzas that we make use up leftovers as toppings, a roasted vegetable pizza seemed like the next logical step.

Roasted veggies and feta make a perfect duo in my mind, but I have to admit I made two versions of this pizza for lunch. One with cheddar & roasted veggies (my back up) and the one you see here with feta (just in case the kids rejected the feta version). The feta version was gone first! I love it when the kids surprise me, it just motivates me, that much more, to keep trying new things. Even the smallest of food victories is worth celebrating:)

Using roasted veggies, leftover from dinner, made pulling this lunch together fast and easy. I used 1 whole wheat flatbread per person, topped it with 2 or 3 tablespoons of classic tomato sauce, the leftover roasted vegetables (some I left as is, some I chopped up smaller) and then crumbled on the feta cheese. I cooked the pizzas on a baking sheet, in a 400°F oven, for about 10 minutes.

Roasting the veggies first was so worth it too. I roasted cauliflower, broccoli and carrots using the same method I use for these Roasted Carrots and because we had them for dinner the night before, it was a major timesaver, but you could also roast them just before making the pizzas.

SNACK – Fruit Cups with Coconut & Cinnamon and Kiwi Pops
Fruit cups are a great way to use up those single pieces of ripening fruit left in the fruit bowl, making sure they get eaten and not wasted. It also creates a snack or healthy dessert that will serve a group or a family.

To make these fruit cups I cut up some cantaloupe, banana and orange. I squeezed some orange juice on top and gently tossed everything together. Then I topped the individual servings with a sprinkle of cinnamon and some shredded coconut. Along with the added flavour and nutrition, the cinnamon and coconut dress the fruit cups up a bit.

I could have added the kiwi to the fruit cups, but for a little added fun I served them as “pops” on the side. Once the kiddos were done eating their kiwi pops, they used the food pick to eat the fruit in the bowl (’cause it’s even more fun like that:)

SNACK – Personal Cheese Fondue with Veggies
Kids double dip. It’s a fact. So personal fondues are perfect for all those double dippers out there (kids or otherwise:). Simply spoon some of the warm cheese sauce into a small bowl and arrange veggies (whatever you have on hand) in an interesting sort of way and let them double dip until their heart’s content.

I’ve made this many, many times and it is always a hit. I often add in one or two veggies that either aren’t yet favourites or that some of the kids are less familiar with, because I find they are a little more adventurous when there is a pot of cheese to dip into:)