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Adventurous Recipes for Babies and Toddlers

Fan Mail

I’ve tried almost al the recipes and my 9 month old loves them all. She never wants to leave her high chair. I’ve searched all over the internet and yours is the best that I can find. I bought your cookbook and am cooking and freezing like crazy. I am so proud that my daughter loves all the food and that I am able to make it for her. – Mandy L.

This was first of your 6 month puree recipes I tried (all the 4 month ones I did went over really well!) and it was a hit too. We’re a bit late to the game (didn’t start food until 6 months) but you are helping me work through these stages with ease, and I feel so good about exposing my daughter to a variety of flavours – doing everything I can not to be the parent of that toddler who only eats white food. I don’t even like to cook that much and you singlehandedly have turned making baby food into one of my hobbies – I also manage to do it while working full time and commuting long hours with baby. Thank you so much for what you do! – Alana B.

I am SO happy that I stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest today! I’ve just started to think about what I’ll be feeding my little on next (he’s 4 months). In my mind, I’ve always wanted to make baby food for him, but was afraid it would be too time consuming. You make it seem so easy! I am excited to start letting him try new foods!! Will definitely be purchasing some ice cube trays soon 🙂 Thank you for all the advice (your photos are so inspiring too)!! -Ashley R.

Made this today for my little one. Love your recipes, pictures, and humor! Very refreshing and magnetic. Made this while enjoying a glass of wine and it was so much fun! I’m hooked and inspired to provide my baby girl with quality organic food made with love.:) – Angela L.

You guys are the cutest site! I love the holistic, gourmet approach. Tried my first recipe today and it was a hit! Thank you! -Erin H.

Thank you so much i was having kind of a hard time finding new recipes to feed my pretty child! now i want to spend my days cooking and tasting baby purees this is so great thanks again! -Rosie-Estella R.

Baby FoodE gave me the confidence and know-how to create my own daughter’s nutritious meals – it’s so much easier than you think! My 10 month old loves the interesting and varied recipes and I adore the humorous posts. Go go go. -Chantilly in Wonderland

Your site in my go to baby/toddler site! I enjoy reading your e-newsletters when it arrives in my email!! You send inspiration to mothers in each post! – Shell G.

I have an eight month old super cute baby, and I’ve been so proud of myself that I’ve made all of her solid food so far! Your site is great and I’m learning so much – thank you! -Lisa D.

The commentary on the meals are hilarious! You have to have a sense of humor when you have children. I love all the recipes and the photos of the actual meals your kids eat (or don’t). -Lisa G.

I’m flat out in love with your site. With all your cool recipes most people are quite surprised my little one will eat them (I mean curry?) but he does — I hope he becomes a little foodie. – Kelsea H.

We truly love your website! Thank you for all of your heart and soul you put into it! -Melissa M.F.

Let me say a huge thank you for this website. It’s awesome and I don’t know how I would have survived baby food making without it. My 11 month old son Canaan has a great appetite.. and daycare teachers always comment on how delicious Canaan’s food smells!! – Lisa R.

Aside from a handful of ingredients that I can’t find locally, my little boy has eaten everything on your purees list with out protest. In fact, half the time, he waits while I fill the spoon with more like a little bird with his mouth wide open. Thanks for all the fun foods! – Suzanne G.

Just bought your cookbook and made this recipe first. I didn’t know it was possible for my daughters mouth to open as wide as it did. Huge hit!! Your recipes are hands down the best and most creative I’ve found. Here’s (hopefully) to little foodies in the making! – Therese H.

My baby went crazy over this (roasted banana + rosemary puree) this morning. So far he has been a very good eater, even eating all of his zucchini (which was the one I was most worried about), but he lovvveeeeed this puree. And I admit, after tasting a little when I was checking the temperature, I almost ate it myself…. – Ashely O. .

Absolutely love your website and attitude regarding your children’s food! I agree we should give our little ones the chance to experience all the flavors and textures our food has to offer. I made this puree with fresh Oregon halibut and baby Z loves it! I’m looking forward to trying many more recipes from your site. Thank you for your wonderful concoctions! – Sarah B.

I made this last night so we could ALL enjoy them through out the week as a quick snack. Very tasty. I’ve never made muffins from scratch so I was nervous but they came out great and they taste so much better and fresher than the store ones. I feel relieved that I could provide a wholesome snack for my little one. – Melissa G.

Just wanted to say…I absolutely LOVE your blog Girl!! My little one has gobbled up every one of your recipes I have made so far. You have made this stage so easy and even that much more fun! Thank you!! I just ordered your book which I am sure is awesome. – Dolores A.

Okay. What magic do you posess?!? Just kidding, but seriously my 1 year old likes this! I have NEVER been able to get him to eat a baby food with beef, homemade or store bought. I was totally skeptical but he’s liked your other recipes I’ve tried. And he ate it. I still can’t believe it. You are my hero. -Brandi