Bento Boxes

I love bento boxes. Like, really really love bento boxes. I have enough to last my girls until they get to college and yet I am still picking up new ones all the time. What do I love about them? Well for starters, they make eating lunch everyday fun. Whether for you or your kiddo, opening up a bento box is like receiving a mid-day present. I also love that they are eco-friendly, easy to pack and mostly easy to toss in the dishwasher each night to get cleaned. 

After all of my testing, these are my favorite bento boxes. You can read WAY more about why these are my favorites here.

Also, don’t forget to check out my book Little Bento, for my favorite bento packing recipes!



Once you pick out a favorite bento box, it’s time to load up on some fun bento accessories. These are the accessories that I use all-the-time! They are easy to store and relatively inexpensive, so when your toddler takes the reusable cupcake holders out back and uses them for her new rock and mud collection, you don’t get too mad;)
You can read more about why these are my favorites bento accessories here